Staying warm in winter

Growing up outside of Chicago and going to a school just a few hours south of home, I have been through my fair share of brutal Midwest, winters complete with blizzards, extreme cold, and multiple snow days. Here are a few tips to stay warm on your college campus, from a girl who has been through all things winter.

1. Parka, parka, parka!

Up until college, I had your typical North Face winter coat that stopped at my waist, but since my investment of a long winter coat that stops at my knees, my life has been changed. Keeping my legs warm with my parka is a game changer, the only way I am surviving my cold walks to class, and the only way you'll survive too.

2. Hats and earmuffs

Personally, when my ears get cold, a headache accompanies my cold ears. To prevent this from happening to you, start wearing a hat or earmuffs. The "hat head" look that you may be worried about won't be so bad if you have a cozy and cute hat to begin with that you don't want to take off...hint hint, Love your Melon.

3. Furry hood

On top of the hat that will be covering your ears, take advantage of the furry hood on your parka and double protect your head! If you don't have long hair covering your neck, a hood will protect the back of your neck from the elements! Also, did you know that fur called "hydrophobic fur" repels water? This fur is important to have around your coat that way your coat doesn't stay wet and the water doesn't freeze onto the fur of your coat!

4. Gloves

In an attempt to keep your hands from drying out and cracking this winter, wear gloves when you are outside! Wearing gloves will not only keep your hands warm, but they will also keep your skin moisturized and healthy.

5. Uggs

...or really any winter boots to keep your feet warm. Make sure to waterproof your Uggs before you head out into the snow! Sperry Duck Boots are another great option when looking to keep the heat from escaping your feet! Add fuzzy socks to the mix and you'll be golden.

6. Scarf

My friends call me the "scarf girl" since I have an overflowing scarf rack in my closet, but as long as you find one big scarf that can handle everything winter has to offer, you will never have a cold neck or face again!

7. Layer. Layer. Layer. 

Underneath every warm college student lies about 5-6 additional layers to protect from the cold. With multiple sweatshirts, leggings underneath sweatpants, and two pairs of fuzzy socks, cold walks to class no more!

8. Hot chocolate

Get back to your dorm and get hot chocolate started in the Keurig immediately! It's not only a treat for you for surviving the brutal walk to/from class, but a great way to warm up inside!

You may feel like a marshmallow walking around campus, but it is worth it as you are toasty underneath your multiple layers, parka, hat, and gloves! The more you layer up on the outside, the healthier you will be on the inside!! Good luck out there, you can do it!

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