10 Tips For Staying Organized This Semester

Spring semester is about to begin. Yes, that's right! Another semester of endless assignments and stress. Most of us have forgotten to turn in an assignment and probably lost a few important handouts at some point. It's hard to keep track of everything there is to do in a busy semester, but don't worry. Here are 10 useful tips to help you stay organized this year and to keep those grades up.

1. Get a planner and/or a desk calendar


Purchasing a desk calendar and/or a planner is a great investment when it comes to college classes. They allow you to quickly glance at what your day entails or what assignments are due in the near future.

2. Color-coded notebooks and folders


Having a different color notebook and folder for each class is essential for keeping your school work neat and organized. No more losing handouts from your professor or having one notebook full of random nonsense. Pick out your favorite colors and write the course title on the front cover.

3. Highlighters and colored pens


Highlighters and colored pens are great for studying and organization. Make a chart that tells you what each color represents.

4. Print out all syllabi


I would highly recommend printing out a copy of the syllabus from each class. You can use this to write and plan all upcoming assignments and due dates.

5. Write down all due dates


Writing down all assignment due dates is a key factor in staying organized for the semester. This will help you remember which assignments you have to do and when to do them.

6. Check Canvas


Check Canvas at least once a day! Even when you don't think that you have anything to submit for the day, check it anyway. Don't let that forgotten assignment slip between the cracks.

7. Use sticky notes as reminders


If you notice that you have an upcoming test or essay, make yourself a note and place it in a spot you will look at every day. The mirror is a perfect place!

8. Write down any new assignments


Professors don't always put every single assignment in the syllabus so if he/she announces a new one, make sure you write it down immediately. Then, when you get home, write it on your calendar.

9. Keep desk area uncluttered


Keep the things that you have on your a desk to a minimum. Too much clutter on your desk can leave you feeling overwhelmed while doing homework.

10. Keep a room clean


Having a clean room eases the mind and puts you in a happy mood. When your room is a mess you can feel anxious or stressed out without even knowing why. If you are ever feeling this way, try tidying up your room.

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