We all want a friendly loving companion by our side to get us through the hard times and to keep us company throughout the good ones. A cat or dog might come to mind, but a rabbit? Very unconventional. If you do happen to cross paths with a furry little one there are some things you want to know.

You must plan ahead

Owning a domesticated rabbit is not something that can be done spontaneously. Like all house pets, they require an adequate space dedicated to them, so that means you have to plan it out! Be prepared to spend money on housing, food, bunny house proofing items, and any future bills that might come up in result of check-ups at the vet. All in all, it's not nearly as costly as it seems to keep your little one around.

Rabbits are VERY social animals

Since they're known to be found in herds, by nature they're social animals. It's best to buy rabbits in pairs for this very reason.
When they're alone they will try to find entertainment in some form. They will make a home and a toy out of anything if you let them. Make sure that if you decide to house a rabbit and let them reign over your house you keep cords and paper items out of reach. Lucky for us, bunnies are predictable and can be found ahead of time for any real damage.

Rabbits are not low-maintenance animals

In the same light of other pets, rabbits require a huge amount of love and care. Doing research of what is required out of your type of bunny is a good way to learn more about their self-cleansing habits as well as the things the owner must take care of for them. It is also a good way to learn about the attitude your type of rabbit has, and lastly their attributes.

There is more to a rabbit's diet than carrots!

For some strange reason, there is a wide belief that rabbits can survive purely off carrots. That is false! Like any other animal, their food palate has a wide range. They have nutrients that must be fulfilled in their everyday diet to help them grow healthy. This includes greens, plants, veggies, and fruits, hay, and pellets. The most importnant part of their diet is measurement and moderation. Everything mentioned above must be measured and regulated for them. Every bunny varies! Doing research on this is vital.

Rabbits are super affectionate animals

An important key point throughout your care for your newfound little furry one, is that you want to think of what you want to get out that experience. They're very affectionate animals, and they feel exactly the kind of energy put into their well-being.
Usually, rabbits are very loving and they do great with people! However, each type of bunny widely varies in attitude. They have their own ways of showing affection that might be the typical tail wag or purr. Understanding your bunny's language is something you can find out with bonding time and experience.

Don't let these tips scare you! It all comes with ease when owning a little one, every experience is different! These are just some small highlights, it definitely does not cover everything, solely the things that are usually the most important.