Tidsoptimist: a person who's habitually late because they think that there is more time than there is (according to collinsdictionary.com). A.K.A. me.

"Hold on. I'm coming. Sorry!" is basically my catchphrase. Ask anyone that knows me and they can tell you that when I say a time it will probably be 10-15 minutes later. It's not like it's purposeful. I even joke around that it's a family trait to be running behind in my family. Though the majority of the time that I'm on my own, I seem to be able to make it on time. Like I said, the majority of the time.

So anyway, if you're anything like me, here are 5 tips for anyone who's always late:

1. Set out outfits and school supplies the night before

2. If need be, set alarms extra early or multiple to keep track of time

I have multiple alarms set so that sometimes I can check the time periodically. I set one sometimes to have for when I need to leave.

3. Make sure to give yourself enough time so that you won't end up running late

You'll probably need more time than you think, so give yourself that full hour instead of half an hour or 45 minutes.

4. Know where you have to go so that you can avoid delays

5. Know what you can and can't fit into your schedule

Making yourself overly busy will rush your routine and make you later.

But apparently, September 5th is Be Late For Something Day. Who'd have thunk?? So go ahead, be late!!