Writing is an interest many people share. For some, words can come easily and you can form a paragraph, an essay, an article, or even a whole novel in just a short amount of time. What most writers fear is called writer's block.

Writer's block may come in different forms and may be triggered by different causes, but the result is a writer finding it hard to formulate simple sentences, statements, etc. It can be caused by too much stress, lack of rest or fresh ideas, and even too many emotions into what you are writing. Here are some tips to help out with that stress.

Talk yourself through it


The truth is that you are the only person who can really motivate yourself. Be gentle on yourself and your mind when you write. Writing is supposed to be natural and should not be forced or pressured. Learn to do it step by step and try not to over do it.

Express your emotions


The best literary pieces and the most phenomenal writers in history did not write a book or poem without sharing part of their soul into it. Writing means showing yourself to the world. Thus, what you write should be true, what you believe in and from deep inside. Write anything that comes to your mind when you feel an emotion and start from there.

Avoid taking things personally


Draw a line between showing your emotions and taking things personally. Pouring your emotions means sharing what you feel. Taking things to heart means being so affected by what you write that it totally disrupts your way of writing. For example, writing about a sad story in your past should not bring back the pain you felt on those days. I personally do that sometimes.

Hopefully these tips could help some of you, and if not, what do you do to try and eliminate the stress when you write?