You're in the thick of the semester when you catch the flu, strep, or some other illness that'll make you want to stay in bed and do nothing. Coming out of a week of being sick, here are some tips to help you survive and make sure you don't fall behind.

1. Reach Out to Your Professors as Soon as Possible

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If you're going to miss class and there ends up being a pop quiz, you'll have yourself covered and not lose those points. Plus, sometimes professors will let you have an extension on papers, etc. which can be really helpful. I know I toughed it out and took an exam despite vomiting both before and after (and managed to get a good grade don't ask me how) but it is definitely ideal if you don't have to do and can be at your best when doing your work. It only takes a few minutes to write-up and you'll thank yourself for being proactive.

2. Go to Student Health Services

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They can help you figure out what's going on and treat it, even if it's just ruling out different options (yay for testing negative for strep and mono!). Plus many professors will ask for some kind of proof of sickness before allowing you to move an exam, etc. so it's good to get that documentation!

3. Get Rest!

I can't stress enough how it's better to really give your body the rest, sleep, and treatment it needs, rather than trying to overdo it and ultimate prolonging your sickness. Take that day to sleep til 1 and watch the bachelorette all afternoon (now you're thanking yourself for getting an extension on your work) and make sure that you decompose enough that in the next day or so you're ready to start working again.

4. Don't Drink (You know what I mean)

It's college. I know many of you will want to party a little with friends when the weekend hits but when you're sick you must resist! Drinking will only make your illness and symptoms WORSE and prolong your recovery. It's okay to take a night off and stay in, your friends will understand.

5. Try to Get Some Low-level Work Done

When you're sick it might be difficult to do a great job working on your term paper, but you probably have some more mindless work you can get done to keep you on track. Even if it's just taking the time to copy vocab down onto some flashcards so when you're doing better you can study with more ease, you'll thank yourself for keeping up with some little things rather than having to do them later.