As a girl approaches her end of the college train, she's ready to jump off at full speed into the next chapter of her life.

Sure, everyone has doubts about what their post-grad life will bring. However, if you've had a good ride away at college, you're most likely ready to start getting on a normal sleep schedule and start getting your sh*t together.

Before graduation, you have the chance to meet your true self. Senior year is finally the year you don't have to make new friends, just new memories. You don't have to join any new clubs, odds are you've already found your niche.

The truth is, senior year is a glorious time. While your class load doesn't get easier, all the stuff in between does. What stuff am I talking about?

All the stuff you called your mom about for the last three years that you can handle on your own now... (except for laundry. You probably still ask her what setting to wash and dry certain things on. That's okay.)

1. Create a good, daily schedule

By now hopefully, you've learned a good routine for yourself. Whether it's getting up super early to get everything done or staying up later to do work, it's time to start embracing a schedule. The real, post-grad, world lives off schedules, so it's good to get into a healthy routine of your own.

Invest in a planner and don't be one of those girls that send out this tweet. Use your planner, plan ahead.

2. Drink enough water EVERYDAY

Please for the love of God-go drink some water. I mean by now you should know WATER CURES EVERYTHING. If you leave college knowing only one think about staying healthy and happy I hope it is this, DRINK WATER.

3. Rest when your body feels tired.

As you all know, college is all about having fun. Freshman year through your junior year you probably pushed yourself to do everything. from running around to different school events to going to every social event you were invited to, you've been doing a LOT.

By now, you should recognize that sometimes your body needs rest.

By senior year you should know what your body needs to feel rested and recovered after a strenuous week of studying, working or socializing (or all three if you are die-hard.) It's really important to realize when you are spreading yourself too thin or involving yourself in activities you just don't have the time or energy for.

4. Make time for true friends, not just the friends that are convenient for you.

No one wants to be friends with someone who is using them for convenience. At this point, you probably have been screwed over by someone who you thought was your close friend. In reality, this person was just using you because it was easy for them to call on you.

You don't want to continue this immature trait because it is certainly an unattractive one. Spend time with friends who genuinely care about you even if it's out of the way for you. If spending time with certain people is 'out of the way' for you, maybe you need to reevaluate how you treat your friends. Just saying.