4 Habits You Have In College That You Need To Bring With You To The Real World

4 Habits You Have In College That You Need To Bring With You To The Real World

If you've had a good ride away at college, you're most likely ready to start getting on a normal sleep schedule and start getting your sh*t together.


As a girl approaches her end of the college train, she's ready to jump off at full speed into the next chapter of her life.

Sure, everyone has doubts about what their post-grad life will bring. However, if you've had a good ride away at college, you're most likely ready to start getting on a normal sleep schedule and start getting your sh*t together.

Before graduation, you have the chance to meet your true self. Senior year is finally the year you don't have to make new friends, just new memories. You don't have to join any new clubs, odds are you've already found your niche.

The truth is, senior year is a glorious time. While your class load doesn't get easier, all the stuff in between does. What stuff am I talking about?

All the stuff you called your mom about for the last three years that you can handle on your own now... (except for laundry. You probably still ask her what setting to wash and dry certain things on. That's okay.)

1. Create a good, daily schedule

By now hopefully, you've learned a good routine for yourself. Whether it's getting up super early to get everything done or staying up later to do work, it's time to start embracing a schedule. The real, post-grad, world lives off schedules, so it's good to get into a healthy routine of your own.

Invest in a planner and don't be one of those girls that send out this tweet. Use your planner, plan ahead.

2. Drink enough water EVERYDAY

Please for the love of God-go drink some water. I mean by now you should know WATER CURES EVERYTHING. If you leave college knowing only one think about staying healthy and happy I hope it is this, DRINK WATER.

3. Rest when your body feels tired.

As you all know, college is all about having fun. Freshman year through your junior year you probably pushed yourself to do everything. from running around to different school events to going to every social event you were invited to, you've been doing a LOT.

By now, you should recognize that sometimes your body needs rest.

By senior year you should know what your body needs to feel rested and recovered after a strenuous week of studying, working or socializing (or all three if you are die-hard.) It's really important to realize when you are spreading yourself too thin or involving yourself in activities you just don't have the time or energy for.

4. Make time for true friends, not just the friends that are convenient for you.

No one wants to be friends with someone who is using them for convenience. At this point, you probably have been screwed over by someone who you thought was your close friend. In reality, this person was just using you because it was easy for them to call on you.

You don't want to continue this immature trait because it is certainly an unattractive one. Spend time with friends who genuinely care about you even if it's out of the way for you. If spending time with certain people is 'out of the way' for you, maybe you need to reevaluate how you treat your friends. Just saying.

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13 Summer Struggles Only Thick Girls Understand

Chafing. So much chafing.


Summer is a lovely time. A time of cookouts, swimming, and sunny weather. But if you're a " thick girl," summer sometimes brings more unpleasantries than it does for slimmer women. No matter how beautiful and confident you are in your body, it can bring some struggles.

1. The living hell that is shorts-shopping

Step 1: Find the biggest size the store has.

Step 2: (If you can even get those on): Realize your stomach is being squeezed into the top, your butt is falling out of the back and your thighs are having the life squished out of them.

Step 3: Realize why winter isn't so bad.

2. And dealing with them even after finding a pair that "fits"

Nothing like taking a pair of shorts home you remember fitting you okay in the store and then walking for 45 seconds and pulling them out of your butt or crotch 17 times. Truly a magical experience.

3. And every bathing suit you try on shows more skin than you'd planned

Even the most conservative bathing suit turns into cleavage-city and a non-cheeky set of bottoms turns into a thong. I promise, older people glaring at me in my sexual bathing suit, I didn't mean for this to happen!

4. Chafing. So much chafing.

No better feeling than four minutes into wearing short shorts realizing that your inner thighs are literally tearing themselves apart. Body Glide and baby powder are a thick girl's No. 1 necessity.

5. Loving rompers. Rompers not loving you.

Rompers are made with short and skinny girls in mind. Heaven forbid you're not short, and heaven forbid you're not skinny. Rompers are like a mystical article of clothing that, no matter what, always just barely doesn't fit.

6. Imagining wearing a sundress with a strapless bra and just laughing

Of course, not all thick girls are well-endowed in the boob department, but if you are, you understand how hilarious the thought of you wearing a strapless bra truly is.

7. And bralettes are a thing of fantasy

Once again, bralettes are designed for a very specific body type. One that I do not fall into.

8. Feeling like you need to constantly defend yourself for dressing like you want to

There are so many posts and tweets and just general ideals that people have that certain sized women can't wear certain clothing. You shouldn't feel the need to defend yourself for wearing a cute crop top or a bikini, but you will.

9. And always feeling looked at when you're rocking your swimsuit

Yes, I see your judging eyes, and yes, they are making me feel like shit. It doesn't matter how confident you are in your body, people looking at you like you just killed somebody just because you're wearing something typically made for smaller women doesn't make you feel good.

10. Did I mention chafing?

I just felt like something so horrible couldn't just be mentioned once.

11. Online shopping for cute summer outfits and then none of them fitting you correctly

There's always the dreaded "one-size-fits-all" for plus-size women. As if there's just one way to be plus-size. No matter how much they promise online that it'll fit well, it won't.

12. Seeing tiny girls complaining about losing their "summer bodies"

So many tweets talking about choosing food over a summer body. So many profile pictures of traditionally skinny women. I'm not saying that thick girls are the only ones who can complain about their summer bodies, and thick girls do not have a monopoly one not feeling confident in their bodies. But it is hard to see those posts knowing that those women would be glorified in their swimwear while you'd be gawked at.

13. The "you go girl!" comments on your oh-so-brave bikini photos

Compliments are nice, and positive comments while wearing a bikini go a long way. But the dreaded "you go girl" comment just seems so condescending. Just treat me like anyone else you'd see wearing a bikini. I promise, I'd like to feel like that.

Cover Image Credit: Sara Petty

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10 Quotes I Live By Every Day

These 10 quotes help make my life make sense, no matter what type of day I've had.


I promise you, these quotes will bring a little power and positivity to your everyday life. It is so essential to look back or have something on your rough days that will make you stronger, and I would have to say this definitely does that for me.

1. "If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased." - Katharine Hepburn

This quote really speaks volumes to me because at the end of the day, it is most important to make yourself happy. If you do this, it is all that really matters.

2. "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure." - Paulo Coelho

I really love this quote and often find myself looking back at it because it is easy to go after anything as long as you are not scared to fail. The fear can often hold us back, but it is important to not let it.

3. "If you really want to do something, you'll find a way; if you don't, you'll find an excuse." - Jim Rohn

This quote is also super cool to me because if you really want to do something within your life, you will do whatever it takes to make sure that you get it done. Otherwise, you are just finding excuses and must not want it that badly.

4. "The greatest lesson of life is that you are responsible for your life." - Oprah Winfrey

I love this quote because only WE are in control as to how our life goes and what path we choose to follow. Although it is true that we cannot choose the things that happen to us, we can choose where we go from there.

5. "Obstacles are those things you see when you take your eyes off the goal." - Henry Ford

This quote goes out to all my go-getters. In life, when you have goals, nothing will deter you from being able to achieve them.

6. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss, I will always be grateful for this quote! Life is too short to be anything other than yourself.

7. "There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure." - Colin Powell

Success is what we achieve when we work hard for it, and there are no secrets or special ways to get around it.

8. "Just remember: The people that say your dreams are impossible have already quit on theirs." - Grant Cardone

I love this quote because you should never let anyone stop you from living your life the way you deserve to!!!

9. "Wherever you are, be able there." - Jim Elliot

This quote is simple and that is probably why I love it so much, It is so important to just be in the moment in life because what comes before or after does not matter at that time.

10. "If you don't like the road you're walking, start paving another one." - Dolly Parton

Last but not least, it really is THAT simple. If you do not like the direction in which you are headed, then CHANGE. YOUR. DIRECTION. That's that.

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