I may sound redundant but I truly feel like it was yesterday that I was cluelessly walking around campus lost, with my lanyard around my neck, wondering how I would survive the next four years.

How have the past four years flown by so quickly?

Never in my life has time gone by this fast. Back when I was a kid, summer vacation flew by. Whenever winter break rolled around, the few weeks we had off from school flew by. But three years of my life have come and gone faster than I have ever imagined.

Maybe it's because it's been such a great ride.

There have been thousands of memories made the last few years, and maybe that's why it's unbelievable to me that college is almost over. Memories that may repeat themselves in a pattern but never fail to be worthwhile.

You would think after four years that you would be tired of going to the same place for pizza. After four years you would think you'd get bored of listening to the same pregame playlist with your friends. Fighting over which football team is better has been a weekend ritual since college has started. Yet, all the memories I have of college are so pure and ones I will forever look back on and smile at.

I just can't believe its over.

In a few months, my favorite people will be a phone call away, not a few streets away. The people who were complete strangers four years ago now I can't imagine my life without, and to think how far away we will be from each other after graduation makes me feel sick.

I guess all I'm saying is that time flies when you're having fun. To take care of the people you care about most when you can, and to never forget about them in the slew of busyness we encounter as students.

You may be tired, you may be stressed out but if you're a senior in college, make time for your friends.

Before you realize it, your lease will be up and you will be moving somewhere new with a new path in front of you. Now more than ever you have to live in the present because in a few months life will change. You want to look back and have incredible memories of your senior year.

Soon, it'll be the last time you and your friends your favorite things together. Without even realizing it is the last time, it will be. Don't take your senior year for grant it.