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You Can Add Video Loops To Your Tinder Now And I'm Not Amused

It's a feature that can really only be used effectively by girls.

You Can Add Video Loops To Your Tinder Now And I'm Not Amused

Tinder is (and always has been) the front-runner in the dating app industry. They're the original app for swipe dating. They set the precedent for similar swipe dating apps like Bumble, J-Swipe, and Hater. "Left swipe" and "right swipe" are household phrases now, thanks to Tinder's growing popularity.

Recently (like, last week), Tinder released an update with a new feature: Video loops. As an avid Tinder-er, I was itching to try it out. Tinder didn't really explain much about the new feature–they just introduced it. I didn't know how the video loops would show up on a profile, so I wanted to explore a bit before I jumped into the fray.

As I swiped, I finally came across a video loop! At first, I was excited that I'd found one. Then I took the loop at face-value: It made the guy look like such a tool. The loop was just a Boomerang of a guy playing the guitar... In a Speedo. Swipe left, OBVIOUSLY.

A few swipes later, I came across yet another video loop. This one was what looked like a Live Photo selfie turned into a video loop. This also made the guy look like a giant tool. So far, the score was Regular Profile: 2 - Video Loop: 0.

Girls like to post Snapchat stories consisting of a video or two of the girl admiring herself with the back camera of her phone. If you do this, go 'head, girl. If you're feeling yourself, you're feeling yourself. But I've never seen guys similar videos. I have a feeling that girls are just taking those videos and putting them on their Tinder profiles, which is fine. But guys have significantly fewer options when it comes to adding content.

When a guy adds a video to his profile, it doesn't make them more appealing. At least, not to me. If you're a guy with a great video loop, totally add it! But don't add one to take up space. It won't help your odds.

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