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I Asked 7 Guys On Tinder Their Feelings On Kavanaugh And The Results Didn't Give Me Much Hope

Because politics make for a great pickup line, right?


If you don't know who Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Ford are by now, then crawl out from the rock you've been living under and educate yourself. There's a lot of strong opinions surrounding both Kavanaugh and Ford. As a young female with common sense and empathy, I know where I stand on the issue, which is why I have such a hard time reading comments (mostly made by white males) that attack anyone who defends Ford. And this got me thinking—is this what all guys really think? And then I thought, what better way to figure it out than by asking guys on Tinder?

Let me preface this by saying that this is the most I've used Tinder, like, ever. It sits on my phone idly, only to be used in cases of extreme boredom. I rarely respond to anyone that messages me, either because of anxiety or fear that if I did meet up with someone, I'd end up like a storyline in SVU or Criminal Minds.

Going into this, I thought I'd get a lot more responses, but many of the guys I messaged didn't reply. This sucks, but ultimately it tells me that I probably wouldn't have liked/agreed with their opinion anyways. So, without further ado, here are the seven responses I did receive.

1. The guy who really doesn't get it. 

I had so many questions for this dude, but I unmatched with him as soon as I read his last sentence. Kavanaugh was the one who went through so much? Just Kavanaugh? Do you think Ford put herself through emotional distress for shits and giggles? May I also point out that Ford was questioned on national television as well?

2. The guy with the hidden agenda. 

I applaud him for trying to get a coffee date out of this, but that's about it. I would also like to note that his line "I have very knowledgeable opinions" sounds like something Donald Trump would tweet. Your opinion may not be a generalization of who you are, but it definitely plays a significant role.

3. The guy who doesn't know anything but thinks he does. 

First of all, for someone who claimed they "weren't really following the case," he sure does have a lot of strong statements. Second, the "it's the victim's fault" card is tacky and just plain wrong. Basically what this message really says is, "I didn't care enough to follow the case so I'm just going to side with the male, Republican counterpart because I'm also a male and we're dominant so we have to be right."

4. The other guy who doesn't know anything. 

Just read the last message. That is all.

5. The guy with good intentions. 

Finally, someone who acknowledges that Kavanaugh is a piece of shit. Sure, he lacks some background on the situation, but so did basically every other guy on this list.

6. The jokester. 

Deflection of the question, or uneducated individual who didn't want to form an opinion on something he didn't know? You decide.

7. The #woke guy. 

This message really makes you think, how much of this story don't we know, and how deep does the narrative go? I love a good conspiracy theory. I don't know what's true and what isn't, but I can definitely agree that Kavanaugh should not and does not deserve the power he now has. This guy gets it.

Before I started this, I told myself I wouldn't reply to anyone, mostly because all I wanted their first, honest reaction, but also because I didn't really want to give them an opportunity to change their initial opinion. It probably would have been a waste of time and energy to try and discuss my own opinions with a majority of them anyways.

Overall, I'm disappointed but not surprised. And if you're wondering, I still won't be going on Tinder dates anytime soon.

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