12 Times I've Been Personally Victimized By College

College life is hard, y'all. If you're a student, you know what I mean. Juggling classes, work, and a social life is just plain out hard...and I personally feel victimized by this thing called "college". It's time to speak out.

1. When the only time a class is taught is at 8 AM

2. When every professor just decides to have tests on the same day.

3. 40 hour-a-week internships, with no pay.

4. When professors take five points off because you had the flu.

5. When the printer in my building's computer lab is broken... again.

6. When every paper or project I have is a group project.

7. When parking permits cost $160 a year.

8. When the campus buses just pull out in front of me.

9. When the campus wifi isn't working... again.

10. When the library staff is kind of snarky. Over a simple question.

11. When the parking lot I have a permit for is full.

12. When I'm finally burnt out on the semester.

Sorry, college. I know you're supposed to be the best years - but that's just not how it feels during the rough weeks.

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