It is very clear that true "bros" rely on each other's advice in times of trouble, especially during relationships. Some guys give awesome advice that totally works, to the point where it even wows girls that their guy knew to do that. However, there's also the group of guys who has no clue how to give relationship advice and almost seem hopeless.

Fear not! There are many sources of relationship advice or general life advice online. One of them being " bro tips," which guys seem to favor.

Here are 10 times that bro tips got it right. Boys, take notes.

Tip 1:

As many of these tips do, this tip goes for both parties. Don't just play each other. Only stay with each other because you truly like each other and want the relationship to keep moving forward.

Tip 2:

This one is pretty clear and obvious. Trust is needed in every relationship. But this tip has a little bit of a boyish spin that boys would understand. Nice!

Tip 3:

SO. SO. TRUE. All the answers are right there. To be honest, she's probably saving these things on her Pinterest page in hopes that you will look at it and get it for her. Girls love dropping hints.

Tip 4:

In every relationship, you need to make sure you both balance time with your significant other and time with your friends. Don't become those couples who drop all of their other friends just to spend time with one another. In fact, your significant other should meet and hang out with your friends from time to time. Who your significant other chooses to hang out with shows their character. Plus, your significant other's friends will probably tell you embarrassing stories about them and who doesn't love to hear those stories?

Tip 5:

Boys, boys, boys. We love you, but we all know that one guy who can be a super fun and talkative in person, but is just a HORRIBLE texter. Don't be that guy.

Tip 6:

It sucks admitting your wrong, but it's honestly just for the better and you all can just happily move on. It even makes you admire each other more if you admit you're wrong rather than trying to blame it on other probably irrelevant things.

Tip 7:

When some dude starts hitting on your girl, your first instinct is probably to hate that guy. But at the same time, it's also a score for you because that just proves you've got the best girl. If you're in a real and good relationship, she will accept the compliment and move on and so should you. But if she doesn't move on, then you have a right to be worried.

Tip 8:

Some couples are able to make it work and still be friends after a breakup most of the time it either doesn't work up or you end up getting back together and be miserable again. It's safer to just break up and be civil with each other than to try to be best friends again.

Tip 9:

This was just too cute to not put in here. Yes, just yes.

Tip 10:

When you're in the right relationship, you just know. It's easier, you're happier and it's just all around great. All of these tips will just come to you on instinct and I guarantee following all of these will lead you to a successful and beautiful relationship.