We often find ourselves telling our friends or family that we’ve been “busy” as an explanation to why we cancel plans, or using it as an excuse as to why we haven’t visited or called.

Overwhelmed by the responsibilities and desire to be ahead of the pack, we focus our attention on work and tend to put others on hold. In turn, we ration by the second to maximize our personal efficiency, and in midst of the process, we forget the things in life that we should be putting our time into, such as family and friends.

Busyness is often associated with productivity. If you spend more time making ends meet, you’re often perceived as being more successful and more competent—compared an individual who enjoys more leisure time, who is viewed as being lazy or lethargic.

What we sacrifice, however, to attain this high status is larger than life itself. We find ourselves countering our workload with more work for our greater good, to distinguish ourselves from the rest.

Preoccupied, we jeopardize the relationships that we have when we care more for a job than the people we care the most for. We lose genuine human connection, and the work becomes the distraction from ourselves acknowledging the loss.

We don't have to sacrifice one to have the other. It's possible to be productive beings while maintaining relationships and our personal lives.

Reserve time for yourself

Learn how to wind down after a busy day. Allow yourself to rest up, whether that means going out with friends or eating dinner with your family.

Stay connected with your loved ones

It can be difficult to juggle many things at one time, but sometimes maintaining a relationship means a short call or text to remind them that they're in your thoughts.

Find a balance between work life and companionship

One thing that elders regret as they come closer to passing is focusing their life on building up a career when they could have spent more time with their family and friends. Work to live a life that can bring shelter, food and water into your home, but save the rest of your time for moments that you will bring to death.