Time Really Does Fly

The tricky thing is we all think we have time.....

But as I think back to the golden days of high school, graduations, weddings, and so on, I think of how much time has passed and how we should live in each moment and take it all in.

I think of the times where certain people weren't a part of my life and how things were different, and it makes me question where I would be if I had never met them.

I think of past relationships I use to have with certain family members and how things have changed and are different now, to where we don't speak to each other.

I think of friendships I've had and still have with people, and of all the fun times, heartbreaks, fights, and times we've shared together that make each and every one of our friendships unique.

I think of when my nephew and nieces were born and how they've grown to be such smart, great kids.

I think of when my brothers were scared of me because I was a crazy four-year-old and they never wanted to be home alone with me.

I think of my Grandpa who passed away a few years ago; the time I spent with him really taught me so much about life and how to be a kind, genuine person.

I think of the time I got in a critical accident and had to get four surgeries done that left me with two six-inch scars.

I think of the time when my parents were getting divorced and it honestly turned out for the best because they both met and remarried great people who love me and support me in everything I do.

On a personal note, I think we really do, as people, have to take every moment in, because you never know what tomorrow brings. In this past week, I've really learned that time is precious. Life can change in an instant, and the problem and habit we have as people is we think we have time to waste; but instead, I realize now we only have time to chase.

I've reconnected with high school friends and family members because I think it's important to connect with them and spend a moment with them. I mean, in reality, something terrible or unexpected could happen and you might not ever get that time back.

Time has a wonderful way of showing us what really matters; it's something we think we have a lot of, but the truth is that life is too short, so live in every moment.

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