Time Passes Quickly
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Time Passes Quickly

Wasn't I nine last week?

Time Passes Quickly

Have you ever just stopped and thought about how you got to the place where you are now? I mean, really think about it. It seems like just yesterday I was in first grade and now here I am, a college graduate.

I never thought that I would ever get to this point in my life. I remember hanging out with my neighborhood friends at the age of nine talking about how we couldn't wait to be 16 so that we can drive. Then, I remember sitting in Drivers Ed with my friends talking about how we couldn't wait to be high school graduates and to turn eighteen.

Then I turned eighteen and I realized that time really was passing quickly, but then a new goal came into play. Twenty one. I couldn't wait until I turned twenty-one. I thought that as soon as I turned twenty-one I would have life all figured out. i thought that I would know what I wanted to do and I would be ready to conquer the world. Here I am, twenty-one, a college graduate and still scared out of my mind about what tomorrow will bring.

I look back now and realized that I should not have wished the easy days of swimming in the pool and riding bikes all day away. I should have cherished the time when my biggest worry was if the boy in my class liked me back. I didn't realized that the older I got the more responsibility I had. At the age of nine I thought that eighteen year-old's were full blown adults with their act together, and well, no that's not the case. At eighteen, I was a freshman in college and I thought the world was easy. I thought that by the time I graduated I would definitely have it figured out. Nope, wrong again. I wish I could go back to being nine.

I learned that while growing older is a blessing because of the new-found freedoms, it is also a curse because adulting kicks in...and well, that's no fun.

They're definitely right when they tell you that growing up is a trap!

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