Let's face it, college is, so far, the busiest time of life for most of us. My busy schedule makes me want to pull my hair out. My mom always said, "you'll learn to manage your time when you get to college." Well, I I am a year and a half into college and I am still waiting for the knowledge to hit me.

I am the friend who makes plans and has to cancel them the day of because I did not plan properly to study for my test. I am the person who has to rush everything because I booked myself back to back with commitments that I cannot cancel. I am also the person who forgets about plans because I get too busy and did not remember that I had something else to do.

Until recently, I thought I was the only person in college to not have the skill of time management, but I had a realization that this is not true when a group of my friends began to actually talk about our lack of time management.

Because of what my mother used to tell me, I felt that I was behind and would never succeed because I am still learning how to manage my time. I thought I was a horrible student and could never get a job.

I found out that was not true though. Most students are still learning this skill, no matter how adults like to play it off. We are all in the same boat, and it is not fun, but it is true, so if you're like me, do not stress over feeling like you cannot handle your schedule. I'm assuming it will come in time.

College is meant to prepare us for life. So if you are still trying to find your way like me, stop stressing because there is still plenty of time to become better with time.