I've written articles before about using hobbies to relieve stress. You may have already seen my series of videos, "Occasionally Music," where I post song covers during weeks I'm feeling a bit anxious. This time, you may have noticed I've changed the type of video from music to artwork. You could say I wanted to change things up a bit, but honestly, I just felt more like sketching than singing in this particular instance. This leads me to a good piece of stress relief advice that I've found to be helpful: don't force it. If you have a hobby that helps you relieve stress, then that's great. What isn't great is when you feel like it is the only method of getting rid of anxiety. It starts getting tedious after a while, and it defeats the whole purpose. Just do what feels natural. It doesn't even have to be something you normally like to do! For example, I stink at dancing. No, I don't mean that in the sense of "I'm a good dancer, but I don't want to brag about it," I legitimately cannot dance to save my life. Still, there are times where I'm stressed and just feel like dancing anyway. So, when it comes to finding ways to relax, try going with the first activity that comes to mind. Expand your horizons. More often than not, it'll make you feel ten times better.

In the spirit of this advice, enjoy this new piece of video content that is much less musical and much more artical (pun intended)!