Friends, I have gathered you all here today to talk about the ghost of room 347. I have been aware of the ghost of room 347 since last year but I never truly understood its power until today. Last year I was sitting in the room doing my homework as one does when suddenly the projector of the classroom went down, turned on, then went up again and down and up again. Although this could have been blamed on a simple technology glitch I did not wait around to find out and ran for grace. I did not hear of this room being hunted again until five minutes ago when this friendly ghost decided to say hello again.

My friend and I were in said room watching a documentary for class on the projector when suddenly: The projector shut off, and on and off again. The lights shut off. My friend ran to turn them back on and 5 seconds later they turned back off. And then it happened, the door slammed shut. It didn't take us long to share a glance and run out of the other door. It was only when we were outside of the room when we realized that we had left our computers, my phone and our books in the room. All we had left was my friends phone and there was no way we would walk back into that room. So I took my friend’s phone and I did it. I called campus police.

Yes, I asked them to walk all the way to the third floor of College Hall to get my things out of the haunted room. And yes, there is now a recording of a very terrified me claiming that room 347 is hunted in campus police files. No, I am not ashamed.

The topic at stake is the room 347 of College Hall is hunted and I advise that the Regis community be wary of it. I know for a fact that I my friend and I are not the only ones with crazy ghost stories at Regis so please share your stories in the comments!