We have this feeling about everything we do in public that people are looking at us. This greatly affects what we do or alters the way we do things. Especially in the world of social media. In a time where it seems most important to spend time alone we are most fearful of doing so. This, in my opinion, is the time between your teens and early twenties. Being as stressful of a time as these years usually are, “me time” is essential to unwind and be alone with your thoughts. Having to worry about impressing someone or keeping up a conversation 24/7 is as exhausting as it gets. There’s always something happening that makes it near impossible to grab a moment of solitude whether we want it or not. Whether it be roommates or friends or boyfriends or classmates, we are surrounded with company constantly. We’re overwhelmed with this huge fear of what people are thinking about us if we’re alone and quite frankly we fear missing out. There’s a big drawback to this way of thinking though. Being alone and doing things for yourself, by yourself is how you get to know the real you. When all's said and done the only constant you undoubtedly have to come back to is yourself. In romantic relationships or professional ones it is imperative to know your abilities and just how far you can push yourself. This is necessary in the avoidance of getting taken advantage of. You have to build a relationship with yourself and nourish it until you are happy with those results. Learn what you like and what you don't like when no one else is around. That’s how you create the strongest inner peace. You might just find yourself learning a little bit more about you than you thought was possible, and who doesn’t want to be your own best friend?