So if you live near campus in a house and have friends, it is essentially your duty as a young college student to host a party… or sixteen of them. Nevertheless, whether you enjoy the consumption of root beer or beverages without the “root," hosting a gathering with all your pals is one hell of a time. Here are ten steps to throw a kickass party!

*Steps have been tested and approved for use. I do not take responsibility for failed parties- -that might be a personal problem.*

1. Set a Date.

For all great parties to commence, you first need to pick a night (or day). Essentially, it comes down to two main reasons to host a party. One, you are celebrating something, and yes that includes the most minimal things -- you got a 'B' on your paper or your cat finally peed in the litter box? Wonderful! Now celebrate.

Reason two, on Friday you want to go out. In fact, you deserve to go out! So you might as well take initiative and give your friends an obligation to have fun too!

2. Friends (Out of all the steps, please at least remember this one).

Whether that be your solid six homies or everyone you possibly know, to have a social gathering you need people to be social with.

3. Go Big or Go Home.

And since you are already at home, the phrase literally compels you to “go big” because you physically cannot not leave and go home. The solution? Be excessive.

This means that if it is someone’s birthday, you must have balloons in every corner, a sign in the living room, and a piñata in the basement. Is it Mardi Gras? Do you have green, purple, and yellow Jello shots in the fridge and beads hanging from every surface? It is scientifically proven that you can never have too many decorations; granted, the research might have been conducted under the influence of awesomeness… but it is still science.

4. Create an Iconic Wall.

Did you even go out if you didn’t take pictures? And for that suburb Instagram post that will guarantee numerous likes, you need a fabulous background. While that kitchen picture with the stove in the background is alright… Wouldn’t it be much superior with a beautiful array of Christmas lights and a classic tapestry or strategically twirled streamers or a banner that declares “Happy New Year” as you sorority squat beneath it?

5. Welcoming Aromas

Okay, so this may just be our house, but we always begin the night with burning our “pre-game candle.” It may sound silly, but it hasn’t failed us yet. Besides, an apple orchard smells much better than the whiff of booze.

6. Draaaanks

In other words, jungle juice. Enough said.

7. Game Time is the Best Time.

No matter what, the first thirty minutes of your party will always be a little, slow. Because there will always be the first people to come, that’s just how it works. And when people are expecting a party and there are approximately eight people at your home at the time, you need some exciting distractions to ensure your guests that you are indeed fun. This is where you must bring out your box of games.

8. That Lighting Though

When I asked my roommates what steps they would suggest, my one roommate promptly replied by stating, “Sketchy lighting, (because) it needs to be dark enough to hide your mistakes from the world but not so dark that people miss your fabulously planned outfit.” Therefore, lighting is essential to set the desired tone of your gathering.

9. Just Enjoy.

The enjoyable hassle of prepping for the party is complete. People have arrived and they are having a great time. So grab your root or beer and join the excitement. You deserve it. Besides, the best part of hosting a party is you literally never have to leave your house. That is something to celebrate all in itself.

10. Booze Collection

I am not going to lie to you, the next morning walking out of your bedroom to a living room filled with spilled glasses and playing cards literally everywhere is not an ideal image to wake up to. Yet, as you slowly clean up, you start to discover random bottles and cans of forgotten beverages, which turns into a free collection of drinks for your next outing. In the end, the next morning mess is trivial to the kickass memories the night before.