"Being a writer is like tasting the spice of life again. Being a writer is like sipping sugar from a salty world." -Heather Searfoss

"The hand that holds the pen writes history."-Claudine Sidonie-Gabrielle Colette, French novelist

A Writer's Mind (10-5-2018)

The mind bellows words

The air provokes thought

The task at hand

Envelops what we wrought.

Keyboard feels quite bare

The page's naked lines

Show me no mercy

With doubts, Every kind.

Epiphany sparks the pen

Flows the river black

My heart beating ferocious

An impressive genius attack.

Story clouds thy mind

Vast emotions growing thick

Seeing light upon me

Deceiving the block's trick.

Easy comes the words

Stressed shoulders are lifted

A writer's mind blessed

With the verses completed.

Being a writer enlightens the human mind to the universe.