The Throne Room
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The Throne Room

He had never looked so mighty before. Every inch of him was something to adore

The Throne Room

On our way to the Throne room I look to my left and could no longer see my Savior. The walk way was suddenly darkened. “Oh Savior where are you?” My fear was the drumstick responsible for my hearts rapid beats.. “Where is he?” I cried. Horrid sounds of deadly animals fill my canals. Something did not want me to continue on my journey. Confusion on where my Jesus was wrestled with my very core. “I don’t want to be a part of your stupid allegories anymore” I yelled. “Get me out” I screamed. I began to drown in questions of what goodness could come out of this disastrous scene. What had I done to make him leave? Had he grown mad at me? Why had my savior left me abandon?.”

That dreadful word echoed as if I were standing in the middle of a canyon. “I told you so’s” swarmed me like an army with thousands of booming cannons. “Savior, Savior!” I screamed at the top of my lungs. I cowered down on the road and my back lay up against a tree trunk. Panting as I tried to regain my breath I debated if the easiest way out was to lose all consciousness. My fist clinched hoping they’d change my situation. Tears began to race one another down my face within the frustration.

It seemed as if Satan himself were right in my face. “Where’s your savior now?” I could hear him say. He asked me a thousand questions I didn’t have the answer to. He taunted me waging war against my truth. “Trust Baylee Trust” came rushing back to me like a gush of wind. Its goal to remind me who reigned again. “King Jesus” I felt myself allowing air back into my lungs. I shook my head when I saw how truly blind I truly was. My sight had once again been the culprit of my fears. I’ve been fighting the same battle for too many years. What bad had actutally happened here?

Realizing my eyes were the problem I shut them tight. It seemed as if my fears began to yell louder as I fought to recall wrong from right. I knew my only way out would be to remember the truth of my King. I decided I wouldn’t let that tree trunk be the only thing supporting me. I wasn’t quite standing up yet but for once I was leaning on what my eyes couldn’t see. What lay ahead of me was everything my fears had dreamed up, but the spirit inside me proofed to be more than enough. I was back on my feet, I fought my way through. I looked down to see myself standing on solid ground. I drug my head back to center and everything was completely different now.

The darkened path had turned pale white. The animals I heard soothed my mind. Where was I? This perfect place. I had just been in a fight for my life and now I’m okay? I suddenly realized how thirsty I was. I could see a huge well off in the distance. I quickly forgot about the space in between as I ran to the well I cupped the water and brought it to my mouth. Satisfying the drought, I sat back on my knees. On the other side of the well was my sweet sweet King. He had never looked so mighty before. Every inch of him was something to adore. I knew what he had done. He had strengthened me by simply reminding me to believe. Now I knew in a moment I could be in his presence. He had broken my fears last defense. I sat gazing up at him. “Why am I so captivated by anything that consist of you? My heart began oozing the truth. Why am I the best I’ve ever been being at your feet?” I think maybe he couldn’t help but put his arms around me but I continued. “My completeness is found in your midst. What is it about your being that has me completely transfixed? All my burdens carried away by just the sight of you. Why are you always the place I find the safest refuge?”

“Welcome my daughter you have found the Throne room.”

PSALMS 18:10

“The name of the LORD is a strong tower; The righteous runs into it and is safe”

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