Trying To Save Money This Year? Give Thrift Stores A Try
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Trying To Save Money This Year? Give Thrift Stores A Try

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars to revamp your wardrobe or deck out your room.

Trying To Save Money This Year? Give Thrift Stores A Try

Let's face the facts: thrift stores are everywhere and practically around every corner, but they're most often thought of as places chock-full of dust and outdated items that no one likes anymore. Sure, that idea alone is enough to keep many away from thrift shops, and it often does but from my own experiences, I can guarantee that not all thrift stores are like this. There's so much to love about thrifting and many awesome benefits for yourself, your wallet, and the environment. So, jump in your car and play Macklemore's "Thrift Shop" song because that's exactly where we're going.

We live in a world based around consumerism that's essentially copying the trends of past generations and bringing them back today, but for a much larger price point. Sure, it's cool to see old things coming back to life, but we're not all rich. I see you eyeing those vintage band tees, but guess what? You can find the same shirt or maybe one with a much cooler graphic for almost nothing. Seriously! Instead of $50 for a t-shirt, I've seen some ranging from $1-5, which is completely beyond me, and some of them actually are vintage. If you dig deep enough and really take your time, you can really end up with awesome finds.

What if I told you that you can make money from your thrifting adventures? That's right, it's possible. So many people are interested in finding cool and unique pieces, but often can't get their hands on it or live somewhere where stores like this aren't as widespread. There's always a moment when you find a really awesome item and wish you could keep it for yourself, but it just doesn't work out for some reason. The solution: share this sweet find with someone else through a page on Instagram selling with Cashapp or Venmo, or sell on websites and apps like eBay or Depop for a slightly higher price and BOOM, instant profit. Not only are you saving money with this personal trip to the thrift but you're making money too.

Lately, there's been a huge boom in being eco-friendly and sustainable and if you're looking for somewhere to start, the thrift shop is your place. A lot of stores these days are known for fast fashion and mass produce their products to get them out quickly enough to match current trends, only for them to disappear months later. This uses up so many materials, harms people working in production, and pollutes the earth. Because we are consumers we often kiss our "favorite" pieces goodbye after only weeks to a month, filling our world with harmful materials that don't decompose. By thrifting, you can cut back on the number of products that are mass-produced and harmful while still finding "trendy" items.

I'm also a fan of thrifting because there's a high chance that no one else in your life will probably have the same item. I rarely see copies of the exact same things in thrift stores, and when I do there's maybe only two of them. There's no better feeling than feeling original and expressing yourself through how you dress up the piece you've found. Now's your chance to get creative, try something new, and get out of your comfort zone. Be yourself and get funky if you want. That's the fun of it!

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