I've recently discovered the world of Instagram thrift shops, and I'm so happy I did! I've always had a unique style, and I'm not the type of person to go to a mainstream store and just buy some clothes. I like unique things, and I also don't like to pay a lot. (Who does?) With school, however,I'm so busy to go on the hunt for some fresh "new" apparel, and I'm not into online shopping from major companies, so basically Instagram thrifting is my new saving grace.

While checking out some of the thrifting pages, I saw a lot of hashtags saying #saynotofastfashion, so I looked into it, and that is how I learned how great thrifting Is for the environment. Recycling clothes doesn't only give them a new life, but it prevents textiles from ending up in our landfills. Did you know, according to the balance small business, that more than 15 million tons of used textile waste is generated each year in the United States, and the amount has doubled over the last 20 years? What?! That is madness!!! There are other stocking statistics, but for now, I'll leave you with that shocking fact. (See the link for more!) So, after learning all of this, I was like hmm... I'm saving the environment, I'm laying in my bed, I get cute vintage clothes, and I get super good prices??? I'm so in.

Another benefit of instagram thrifting is I have met so many great people who run pages who truly have a passion for thrifting. Everyone I've encountered is so sweet, and they truly love what they do. I decided to talk to some of my favorite thrift pages about how they feel about thrifting and why they do it, so I could provide all of you with some insider scoop, and I got some really great responses.

One of my favorite pages, Cut & Cropped, who sells really cool acid-washed thrifted tees on her Instagram page, (yes... I may have bought a Syracuse one...) has an amazing perspective on thrifting:

"Thrifting is beneficial because it gives clothes a second chance at life. You can turn something that was going to be thrown out into a fun affordable statement piece. That's why I always loved Acid washing my T-shirt's... They really give them new life."
- @cutandcropped

Another great page, Saving Savvy Styles, run by the savvy Sophie Primiano, really focuses on the environmental benefits of thrifting.

"Thrifting is a thrill, it's like finding treasure! Too much of our world is focused on buying the newest trends and spending their money at large retailers. Buying thrifted items means there's one less item being manufactured, shipped, and distributed! Thrifting is not only fashionable and different, it helps our world become more sustainable."
- @savingsavvystyles (Sophie Primiano)

Welcome to the Thrift Shop, another one of my favorites, also really likes the environmental aspect of thrifting.

"I love that it's not fast fashion; I think that's so wasteful, not only for your back account, but also for the environment!

One page that I recently purchased from and like a lot, Hart For Style, run by Hartley Waldrop, focuses on the ~funkiness~ of thrifting and the vibes it brings!

"I've always loved giving old clothes new life. Thrifting is a way to express my style, be funky, and help the environment out!"
- @hartforstyle (Hartley Waldrop)

KB Thrifts loves thrifting because of the uniqueness.

"It provides people with unique and vintage clothing that isn't basic or something everyone else has. Plus its cheap!"
- @kbthrifts

Basically, how "instathrifting" works is the person who runs the page scores some finds at a local thrift store, and they'll post hem on instagram. There will usually be two prices, which I think is really cool. The first price is a bid price, so people can comment their bid on the item for a set period of time, and the item will go to the highest bidder. I really like this because sometimes, not many people bid, and you score a deal super cheap! The second price will be a "BIN" price, which stands for Buy it Now. This price is higher than the starting bid, but I like this option because it gives people an opportunity to buy something they really want instead of just hoping to win the bid. Shipping varies from page to page, and you usually pay through Venmo. Honestly, it is all way easier than it seems! It is so fun too. I love seeing people's finds!

If you're interested, check out the pages above. If you follow some pages, more will find you! Some other great ones are Korman Koture, Joyful Threadz, Shop 2 She Drops, Kind Planet Finds, Second Chance Thrifting, The Summer Closet, Lucky Duck Thrift Shop, to name a few! But there are literally hundreds of great ones.

And that is why instathrifting is my newest obsession!

Happy thrifting :)