Back at the end of May (literally the day before Memorial Day), I was asked out by my current boyfriend.

Over text.

While I was grocery shopping with my dad.

Yes, I know very romantic 10/10. I hope you can sense my overwhelming sarcasm in my previous sentence.

So since then, I would say that it's been a pretty relaxing summer knowing that I actually have someone that I can call my significant other or even more so, my boyfriend (yes, we are finally in the official title range. He was the first to initiate the titles). I have a good feeling that maybe a few are wondering how I'm doing and what's been going on since I was asked out. Well, I'm here to tell you in a simple sentence. This is that sentence:

I still don't know how to relationship.

Yep, that's right. You heard it here. I still don't know how the hell I'm still in this relationship and how anyone likes me to have me as a girlfriend. Like I said already countless times, this is my very first long-term relationship that I am so confused on what to do.

But other than me being so confused and have no clue how to relationship when the person I'm in a relationship currently knows how-to, I'll say the things that have been working out for me.

Well, one thing is for sure, I can remember that the 26th of May is the day he asked me out and that I got to remember the 26th of every month is one month of dating him. Unless it's the time back when it was our one month and we both collectively forgot because again, it's been a month (also I had a field trip for work that day and it was a very fun field trip and my mind was there. Don't judge me).

Another thing is now I'm now used to being called "babe" and other pet names. I'm just not used to saying them back just yet.

Third, I finally have something to hold him to, and while he doesn't like it it will be a good laugh for the future. Long story short, I sprained my ankle when he picked me up suddenly when we saw each other for the first time in months and he set me down quickly (he's still sorry for it but my ankle still hurts at times from it. It's healed now).

But in conclusion, I'm honestly lucky to have him in my life now. I know that this meeting or interaction was through a mutual friend (hey Sam and Tucker) but I'm glad we met through that.

Although we both do have our moments (me with just being me and him being an idiot in general), I think that we complement each other pretty well.

So here's to 1/4 of a year dating someone and to many more to come.