Thoughts You Had While Watching "Making A Murderer"
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Thoughts You Had While Watching "Making A Murderer"

Spoiler alert: You'll be disappointed with the ending.

Thoughts You Had While Watching "Making A Murderer"

Admit it, you were hooked to Making a Murderer over winter break. 10 glorious hours worth of footage documenting a who-done-it story that outraged an entire country and blew up the Internet with memes, conspiracy theories and Photoshopped images revolving around the main players in the story. Here are the thoughts that went through our heads as we binge watched Making a Murderer. *Major spoiler alert*

Alright, it's only 10 episodes, I can work with this.

This guy killed a cat? Put him in jail and throw away the key.

AND he ran a lady off the road? Bye Felicia.

Congrats fam, you got released after 18 years in jail based on one pubic hair. #Blessed #DNAevidence

What do you mean there's $36 million possible compensation after 18 years in jail, I might be interested in that.

*2 minutes left in the first episode* How did murder even come up?

A missing girl, this cannot be good news.

“They’re not just going to hand Steven Avery $36 million.” —Kim Ducat, Avery’s cousin. Ok, true, she's right.

“If we wanted to eliminate Steve, it would’ve been a whole lot easier to eliminate Steve than to frame Steve...or if we wanted him killed, it would be much easier just to kill him.” —Manitowoc County Sheriff Ken Petersen.

Oh Jodi I feel you, I would need a drink too if I were you.

Oh no, they've got a 16 year old?!

New lawyer for Brendan, thank goodness.

R U serious Len Kachinsky.

He just copied this drawing from a James Patterson novel, ugh.

I wonder if that movie is any good, though.


Teresa's ex-boyfriend just happened to guess her voicemail password?

Ah, these reporters should get together.

For real, they are really easy on the eyes.

There's no physical evidence, how can they arrest this guy for murder?

It would be nice if they would find Teresa's car, then all of Steven's problems would be solved!

AYE, Teresa's cousin found her car on the Avery's property in fifteen minutes! Definitely not suspicious.

"God led me to her car."

Okay, even Steve's attorney thinks this lady is crazy. "Not that I don’t believe that’s not possible. I just don’t believe her. She’s too weird. They went right to that thing.”

*This guy mysteriously calls in Teresa's missing license plate before it's found two days later*

This girl literally placed the bullet inside the garage like Fasbender told her to do.

The school bus driver just blew a hole into Bobby and Scott's alibies! Steve is gonna be free!

Oh no, he's going to trial.

Time for jury selection.

Who is the "international recording artist" that got excused from jury duty?

*Goes on Google* FYI, the international recording artist is Rick Raybine, whose band played the national anthem at a NASCAR event once. #Celeb #Manitowoc

The trial is almost done, hooray.

Steven is found guilty?!?!?!

Kayla admits to lying about Brendan's involvement, are you kidding me?

I would drop the Avery fam, these people are nuts.

~That relatable moment when your cousin frames you for murder~

Steven gets a new girlfriend whilst being in jail. Is this real life.

I can't even get a date.

*X amount of years go by in one episode*

Ken Kratz gets in trouble for sexting, HA!

I knew he was a creep.

Wait, there's only six minutes left in the last episode.

This is going to be a quick wrap up when they solve the murder.

They're not solving the murder?


I'm changing my major to criminal justice.

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