As I near the end of this quarter, I'm getting ready to take the GMAT during finals week (since I don't have any real finals), and it's pretty much making me freak out. I can't even imagine how I'd be doing if I were taking something like the MCAT! That being said, my stress is probably pretty similar to everyone else's, right?

When you first start studying

OMG there's so much here to study. Good thing I have so much time! I'm going to be so great, so motivated, so dedicated! I'm going to ACE this test!

When you register for the test

Ok, it's a month and a half away from now. That's plenty of time! Right? I can still go over all the materials AND take a bunch of practice tests.

A month before

Ok so I admittedly haven't done as much studying as I otherwise could have, but I still have so much time! This will be totally fine.

Three weeks before

Study study study study ooooh look! It's been five whole minutes! I can take a break now, right?? For like an hour? Two?

Two weeks before

Is that my test prep book over there? Oh, I've been using it as a coaster. Whoops.

One week before

One week is enough time to cram everything.....right? Right? I can do this! Right??

Two days before


Night before

Ok, I'm going to get a great night's sleep and.... oh. It's 2 am. Great. I didn't need sleep to think anyway. I'll just.... try to make it through with caffeine? Ugh that's a horrible idea.

Day of

Do I have everything? Do I know how to get there? What if I have to pee during the middle of a section? What if I take too long in the bathroom and the test starts without me? What if I get hungry or thirsty? What if I forget how to do math???!?!?


I'M DONE! Praise everything I can finally stop studying. I'm freeeeeeee!