This past Thursday on January 12th, Nintendo had a Nintendo Direct to showcase their new gaming console, the Nintendo Switch. The release date for the system is set for March 3rd, 2017, and there is a lot of excitement in the air. Word of this console was released late 2016 and ever since, many people have been anticipating what is to be released on the new console and how exactly it will work. I have personally been really excited since the initial announcement of the system, but I still had my doubts. There were questions lingering around my head such as, what's going to happen to the Wii U? If the Nintendo Switch is also portable, then what about the Nintendo 3DS systems? Will my digitally purchased games on the Wii U transfer over to the Switch? But most importantly, what's going to convince me to literally switch over to the Switch?

Let's go over the basics first and see where the answers lie for these questions. The Nintendo Switch is Nintendo's new console that, like the Wii U, is connected to TV's, thus making it what I like to call a "living room console." Also like the Wii U, the Switch will include a tablet that acts as both a screen and a remote controller to play the video games for the system. With all this being said, at this point, the Wii U is being discontinued and will no longer be available to purchase as new consoles in stores. This is slightly disappointing, but not as much as I thought considering the Wii U didn't really have that much attention, to begin with. There is a decent selection of games to purchase for the Wii U, however, I feel like the focus on the console and its games were never as high as the focus on a system like the 3DS. As an owner of the Wii U, quite frankly I find myself being able to enjoy this system properly when I have friends over playing with me for games like Mario Kart 8 or Super Smash Bros. Still, there's something a little off about the Wii U. Maybe it's the bulkiness or the lack in advertising towards the Wii U in recent days, but regardless I have a feeling the Switch will have much more attention.

Now, the big key difference between the Wii U and the Switch is that the Switch has the capability to be played portably with just the tablet. This allows for players to play locally with their friends, like you would with a 3DS. I was worried for a while that this would distinguish the whole purpose and aspect of the Nintendo 3DS because it's already a lightweight portable system designed for the purpose of simply being portable, but that's not the case considering the 3DS has a line of its own games unique to that console whereas the Switch has the capacity to run different games in ways the 3DS can't. I find this incredibly unique because it brings the whole aspect of local LAN parties back into action, one that I experienced quite frequently playing games on my old Gameboy SP as a child. The Switch is also a perfect size for portability and will definitely be something that can be easily carried around. I can still enjoy the games on my 3DS while enjoying the portability of the Switch and that gives me a little bit of reassurance.

The only thing I found rather disappointing was the whole aspect of games from the Wii U NOT being transferred over to the new system. Out of all the games I own for the Wii U, I only have one physical copy and everything else is digitally purchased and downloaded. Some games I don't really care about transferring over, but there are others that I love and won't be able to transfer over to the new system. I guess the bigger question for this topic for this should be, will people trade in their Wii U's then if most of their games are digitally purchased? To each their own I suppose, but I definitely will be keeping my system because I don't want to get rid of these games that fast. The only downside to this how I won't get the benefit of getting some money out of this system to help pay for the new one. What's the difference, though? Nintendo already has most of my money.

Well, what's the use of getting a new console if there aren't any games released yet? Or rather, what's the point of getting a console if I don't know what games will be on released on the Switch? Well, after Nintendo's Direct the other day, I'm extremely excited and looking forward to so much. There are so many great games coming to the Switch and already I can tell how much care and attention Nintendo is putting to this new system. For example, on launch day on March 3rd, along with the Nintendo Switch being released, the new Legend of Zelda game, titled "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild," will make its appearance. Not only that but throughout this year and especially in the summer, many new games will be released and it's definitely something I'm keeping my eye out for. Other games being released include titles such as "Splatoon 2," "Mario Kart 8 Deluxe," "Arms," "Xenoblade 2," "Fire Emblem Warriors," and many others to be released!

Needless to say, during this whole thing with the Nintendo Direct and the Switch, my questions have been answered. I genuinely feel as if Nintendo is taking a step in the right direction and I can't wait to see the future development for this company. Nintendo has been a part of my life since I was practically born and I'm happy to see it striving even now that I'm older.