10 Big Thoughts Every Little Has During Big-Little Week, AKA Sorority Christmas
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10 Big Thoughts Every Little Has During Big-Little Week, AKA Sorority Christmas

The agonizing wait is all worth it once you find your Big.

10 Big Thoughts Every Little Has During Big-Little Week, AKA Sorority Christmas
Maddie Wagner

If you know anything about sororities, you've probably heard of Big Little week. If you haven't, here's a rundown. You go on a ton of "big-little dates" and meet older girls in your sorority, and see who could be your potential big. Then, you rank your bigs and they rank their littles. Then starts Big-Little week!!!

I had an embarrassing Instagram account made for me, which was very interesting. My big posted pictures of me taken from Facebook and my personal Instagram and then did edits and wrote strange captions for me every day.

During Big-Little week, the little gets daily surprise presents from their big, but they don't know who their big is yet. Presents often include sorority gear, candy, canvases, and stuffed animals. The littles get spoiled to death all week until Big-LIttle Reveal where they finally get to meet their big and then their big's "family."

In case you were wondering, here are 10 thoughts every Little has during Big-Little Week.

1. When you see how many presents you actually get...

I hope you're not broke, Biggie.

2. All day during class while you know your Big could be decorating your room at that very moment...

You just know that they're going to be amazing.

3. When your Big messages you through their Little Instagram and is dropping hints about themselves...

It's creepy that you're talking to someone whose profile picture is your face...

4. When your Big gets your present EXACTLY right...

You better believe I'll be showing everyone!

5. When your roommate tells you they know who your Big is...

But at the same time, if you tell me, I'll kill you.

6. When you wake up on Big-Little Reveal Day...

~SooOoOOooOoOO excited!~

7. When people are teasing you because they know who your big is and you don't...


8. When you walk into your room and it's all decorated...


9. The day of Big-Little Reveal...

You've never meant those words so much as right now...

10. When you finally see your Big and know how much fun you're going to have together...


The agonizing wait is all worth it once you find your Big. Merry Sorority Christmas!

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