I honestly can't believe that I'm a Senior in college! Not even high school, but college.

It seems like just yesterday I was moving in to my first dorm with my best friend (shoutout to Laura), ready to take on this new, exciting and slightly terrifying adventure.

It's been a crazy three years. After taking an entire year off of school and switching both my major and minor, I can't believe I'm at the end of my college career.

Today was the first day of my Senior year of college, and I'm both terrified and excited about what's ahead. Here are just a few of the many thoughts that went through my head on this big day:

1. "9 a.m.'s should be illegal"

Yuris Alhumaydy

2. "Do I really want to wear makeup today?"

3. "It's the first day; you'll have all semester to embrace your status as a potato. Just not today."

Kevin Laminto

4. "God I hope the Starbucks machine in the lobby got fixed, otherwise I'm gonna be Oscar the Grouch"

Roberto Nickson

5. "Don't trip on the stairs"

6. "Seriously, how did I deal with these hills for three years?"

What my route to class feels like Alexander Milo

7. "It's only the first day and my backpack weighs more than me!"

"It's like my back is pregnant...with quintuplets. Very expensive quintuplets."

8. "I'm a Senior; I should know where the Evans Complex is when a Freshman asks me for directions."

I'm gonna need one of these Aron

9. "I'm a Senior; I should not need to ask for help finding my room."

10. "Then again I look like a Freshman...in high school."

11. "If I have to pull my shorts down so my thighs stop sticking together one more time..."

Vanessa Serpas

12. *Checks syllabus for Senior-level Sociology course*

Wadi Lissa

13. *Nervous breakdown in 3...2...1... blast off*

Sydney Sims

14. "If nearly all of my classes are for Communication Studies, then why aren't they in the Communications building?"

15. "I really hope my thighs don't make a weird noise when I un-stick them from this chair to get up and introduce myself."

Update: they did. It sounded like a straight-up fartSpencer Dahl

16. "I have no fear of public speaking; why am I nervous about asking someone for directions?"

17. "Okay yeah, I got up way too early this morning, and now I'm too early to my first class. I already need a nap."

Alexander Possingham

18. "I hope nobody hits me with that ever-popular, 'How do you plan on making money with a Communications degree?' today"

Sharon McCutcheon

19. "How do I plan on making money, you ask? By minding my business, that's how."

MD Duran

20. "I am so thankful I have a friend in two of my classes."

21. "...I need how many textbooks for this one class?"

Sharon McCutcheon

22. "I'm probably the only Senior year who looks like they're literally 12."

23. "Okay, that's an exaggeration. I look 14."

Brooke Cagle