Thoughts I Have In The Dunkin' Drive Thru Lane
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Thoughts I Have In The Dunkin' Drive Thru Lane

That line seems long... but I don't want to actually interact with people so... drive thru.

Thoughts I Have In The Dunkin' Drive Thru Lane

As most people know, I'm in love with coffee...specifically Dunkin' Donuts. Every morning I go and get my coffee before work or class and rack up those points towards my free beverage. Until I get my coffee it's wise not to talk to me, but if you have to please don't expect anything other than a half sarcastic answer.

Below is my thought process of how I prepare myself to enduge into the deliciousness that is coffee:

1. Drive thru or inside?

2. That line seems long... but I don't want to actually interact with people so... drive thru.

3. This is taking forever.

4. Do I have points?

5. I should have a free beverage by now.

6. I come here enough.

7. Only 170 points?

8. Crap 30 more to go.

9. Can these cars move?

10. Finally.

11. Hurry up and order. I need my coffee.

12. Do I want flavoring today?

13. Nah. Just normal.

14. Hot or Iced?

15. Hot, no iced. No... yeah, iced.

16. Finally my turn.

17. Damn, $2.59 is such a rip off.

18. But if that's the price I must pay for my happiness, then so be it.

19. Two more cars until coffee.

20. Where's my wallet?

21. Oh wait, phone app. Duh.

22. This better load. It always has trouble loading.

23. One. More. Car.

24. I can taste it already.

25. Don't beep at me, I'm going.

26. Please don''t make small talk.

27. My screen isn't too dark, it's the sun glare.


29. Yeah, have a great day... whatever.


31. People may speak to me now.

Repeat daily.

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