Thoughts For Incoming Freshmen
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Thoughts For Incoming Freshmen

Thoughts For Incoming Freshmen

Last week, as we were avoiding responsibilities such as studying for finals and packing up our dorm room, we decided to compile a list of tidbits that we know now but wish we knew before we officially became students at Oklahoma State. With the help of our friends, we were able to create a list that truly summed up the good, the great, and best times of freshman year.

Our hope is that everyone, from incoming freshmen to outgoing seniors, finds nuggets of knowledge or humor in our year one adventures.

1. Pray every day. -Ben F.

2. You get out of it what you put into it. -Cassidy G.

3. Red Bull is a beverage, not your sidekick. -Darcy W.

4. Those early morning breakfast with your friends is worth less hours of sleep. -Darcy W.

5. Room with your best friend and make memories to write about in posts like these. -Emily S. & Ashleigh R.

6. The class Physical Geography is actually hard, take it seriously… -Darcy W.

7. It's never too late in the day to drink coffee. -Ryan D.

8. Read textbooks early. -Ben F.

9. Ranchers lunch is just as cheap as Johnny Rockets but hella better. -Darcy W.

10. You will literally make the best friends of your life, so work on relationships they're important. -Shelby S.

11. Make sure you bring at least one basketball jersey and one business professional outfit because #workhardplayharder. -Libby S.

12. Go to class or it'll kick your a$$. -Ty H.

13. If you don't know how to two step that's okay – you'll learn in the first two weeks you're here. -Katie C.

14. It's okay to be “city." -Katie C.

15. When in doubt go to a thrift shop. -Ty H.

16. Make sure GroupMe notification are turned off if you want your phone battery to have a chance in this world. -Caroline O.

17. Sit in the first two rows of class, statistically you will retain more and make higher grades because of it. -Jake F.

18. You'll need to wear your mother's clothes to date parties, so be nice to her. -Morgan B.

19. Don't get behind in Nutrition. -Ben F.

20. If you overdo it, you're going to get sick. You can't do everything and that's okay. -Megan D.


22. Don't wait until the last week of the semester to do your SONA credits. -Morgan B.

23. Be in FFA. -Darcy W.

24. Studying in the Union third floor is better than studying anywhere in the library. -Gonzalo M.

25. Hang out in the Campus Life offices. -Megan D.

26. Attend a bonfire. -Ashleigh R.

27. If you're a girl and learn how to frat snap. Don't do it in front of strangers. They get concerned. -Darcy W.

28. Do your pomping hours. -Megan D.

29. Be friends with your advisor and professors, they're not that bad. -Katie C.

30. Shake hands with every person you meet. It's a good habit to get into. -Emily S.

31. Be in Follies or something to avoid pomping at all costs. -Ty H.

32. Stay out till 4am on Welcome Week. -Darcy W.

33. Throw birthday parties at Braum's or Whataburger for your friends. -Ashleigh R.

34. Sometimes it's okay to drive to OKC to go an FFA State Convention or go to Pops. -Katie C.

35. Never miss an opportunity for free food. -Megan D.

36. D2L is ur best friend. -Katie C.

37. Use the Student Union resources to your advantage. -Katie C.

38. It's the little moments you share with people in college that build your friendships and you are going to remember. Yes study and put effort into your grades, but you are gonna remember the time you went on an adventure or had life talks at 3 am rather than getting an A on an exam for that one class. -Mackenzie S.

39. Have a resume ready. -Megan D.

40. The library is cool. -Mackenzie S.

41. Don't take for granted meal plan. -Morgan B.

42. Embrace and take pride in being a groupie. -Mackenzie S.

43. It's okay to turn your phone off for an hour and enjoy the people you're with. -Megan D.

44. Frat laps are a thing. -Katie C.

45. Create traditions with friends (i.e. “Surprise" birthday parties at the park at midnight). -Mackenzie S.

46. Find your friends, then expand. Yes you should have your “ride or dies" but don't put a number on the amount of best friends you can have. -Darcy W.

47. Blue Spruce, Aspen, Thai Cafe repeat. -Megan D.

48. Find your study sesh playlist/pandora radio.

49. Calling your mom helps everything. -Darcy W.

50. You will forget people's names, don't be afraid to ask what it is again. Cause it's always awkward when second semester comes around and you still don't know their name. -Alexis M.

51. Yes you'll use Facebook again like no other. -Katie C.


53. HBCB's are really good for the soul. -Katie C.

54. The latest of nights make for the best of memories. -Jake F.

55. You're going to feel really stupid for a good 3 months, don't worry everyone feels that way. -Darcy W.

56. Don't be afraid to do you. Your friends will have your back whether you drink or don't drink, who you like, or what your background is. Your friends will accept and love you for all your quirks and flaws and all the great things you have to offer. -Mackenzie S.

57. Make your caption game strong on all social media. -Mackenzie S.

58. You'll be added into like 45 GroupMe's and it's okay. -Katie C.

59. A muted GroupMe = a missed opportunity. -Emily S.

60. Go ahead and hammock at Theta Pond. Doubt you will actually be fined. -Mackenzie S.

61. Freshman year is hecka awkward but that's why it's so hilarious (@cokedates). -Libby S.

62. GRANNY'S. Just go to Granny's. -Megan D.

63. To the boys: always offer to walk a girl home. Even if she declined the offer means so much. Don't let chivalry die. -Mackenzie S.

64. Find a mentor. Or twelve. -Darcy W.

65. Pray for a snow day. Snow days are the best days. -Megan D.

66. Dance parties can and should happen anywhere. This includes tables in the library during finals week. -Libby S.

67. Charge your laptops and phones at night because outlets don't exist. -Emily S.

68. Christmas themed meetings are the best. Go all out for them. -Megan D.

69. Take someone random to a date party. -Katie C.

70. Find yourself a nice pair of jorts. -Emily S.

71. You don't actually need brand new books for every class. -Maycee J.

72. Netflix may seem like a good thing but be careful cause it is actually a black hole… -Mackenzie S.

73. Don't complain. -Ashleigh R.

74. Go talk to the lady swinging alone at the park at midnight. -Cooper F.

75. Purchasing an orange blazer will be one of the best investments you make in college. -Megan D.

76. Enjoy the moment. Trust me, the year will fly by faster than you think and you'll be wishing you could relive everything. Maybe even pomping. -Alexis M.

77. Go hammocking. -Mackenzie S.

78. Go all out for all themed meetings and date parties. -Emily S.

79. Dry shampoo is a blessing. -Megan D.

80. Always take pictures. Document everything. -Emily S.

81. Laugh at yourself. There will be plenty of opportunities. -Libby S.

82. Set money aside just for T shirts. -Katie C.

83. Get a planner and make a tentative schedule of meetings, etc. for the week. -Ty H.

84. Email is ur new bff. -Ty H.

85. Don't take a night class on a Thursday. -Shelby F.

86. Don't take a night class at all. -Gonzalo M.

87. Don't be afraid to take 12 hours. -Jake F.

88. Smile to strangers on campus. -Caleb W.

89. Be friendly to the Orange baggers. -Gonzlao M.

90. Study at night. You'll tell yourself you'll wake up and study but you won't. -Ty H.

91. Don't be afraid of the strangers who smile at you on campus. -Morgan B.

92. Some girls are really cute. Ignore them because they're intimidating. -Colton C.

93. If a friend texts you at 2am to go on car ride and just chat, do it. -Gonzalo M.

94. Stillwater has some sweet dirt roads. -Gonzalo M.

95. It will be just as hard to leave college for the summer as it was to leave home for college, if not harder. -Libby S.

96. Buy the backpack with the water bottle holder. -Ashleigh R.

97. Keep track of Camelbak water bottle before you buy four replacements in one week. Refer to #96. -Ashleigh R.

98. Studying with friends doesn't really work. At all. Isolate yourself if you need to get stuff done. -Emily S.

99. DONT STUDY AT FRATSPEN. I promise you will never do anything productive whatsoever. -Caleb W.

100. Actually study. You can't wing things in college nearly as well as you could in high school. -Ty H.

101. Sometimes scheduling group studies with your friends on purpose when you know no one is gonna get any studying done is pretty okay. -Gonzalo M.

102. The word “busy" isn't as cool as it seems. Prioritize your time so that way you can be the friend that can actually hang out with people and make memories. -Alexis M.

103. Give yourself a high five every now and then, because why not? -Caleb W.

104. Call your mom. -Emily S.

105. And then call your dad because he will get jealous. -Emily S.

106. DON'T take Astronomy. You'll hate your life. -Ty H.

107. The guys are hotter here. -Darcy W.

108. Once you have made it through Brenda Masters, you can make it through anything. (STAT 2103). -Gonzalo M.

109. Exchange friendship for meal plan and vice versa. -Caleb W.

110. Cry sometimes. -Cassidy G.

111. Sing. -Colton C.

112. Hug people at least once a week even if you hate it, it's good for you. -Cassidy G.

113. You don't have to go to every party. -Gonzalo M.

114. Get close to your professor if ya need a little bump bc 89's suck. -Ty H.

115. You can show affection to your boyfriend sometimes but only sometimes. -Megan D.

116. The quality of your relationships determines the quality of your life. -Cassidy G.

117. Write handwritten notes to the people that are important to you. -Libby S.

118. On the real, don't be afraid to be honest with your friends. Whether it be frustration or conflict, be honest and open. It's difficult, but the benefit outweighs the struggle. -Colton C.

119. ^But also don't be afraid to tell them how great they are. -Mackenzie S.

120. Thank you notes mean more than you think. -Emily S.

121. Let your friend cut your hair in your dorm when Supercuts made you look like an idiot. -Emily S.

122. Your like ratio on Instagram = how important you are. Don't slack on the game. -Colton C.

123. Don't buy a shirt if you don't like it because you won't wear it and 5 more will come out the next day. -Emily S.

124. Don't pay freaking $20 for a haircut. Supercuts has its moments. -Caleb W.


126. Set some time to read your bible or journal. It's worth it. -Gonzalo M.

127. Granny's is worth being mentioned twice. -Colton C.

128. If you need help, ASK FOR IT. -Cassidy G.

129. It is okay to not know your major. -Emily S.

130. Don't ever ask any of us “what is Dough Pokes" unless u want to evoke uncontrollable tears and rage. -Caleb W.

131. Don't be afraid to open your mind to new ideas. It doesn't mean you give up your own values or beliefs, but it allows you to put yourself in someone's shoes and see their way of life. Sometimes you learn the most in 10 minutes car ride or a breakfast than you ever would in the classroom. -Colton C.

132. Make sure you're on campus at 12 so you can belt out the alma mater. -Colton C.

133. Celebrate successes! -Wyatt S.

134. Put your beds next to one another's for a night in your dorm. -Mackenzie S.

135. Never eat alone. -Chris S.

136. If you make mistakes that's okay because they make you who are and you can grow from it. Sometimes you disappoint yourself but it's only you who can make it better or worse. -Katie C.

137. “Whatever you do, do it enthusiastically, as something done for the Lord and not for men." Col. 3:23. -Morgan B.

138. You'll be surprised at how fast friends become family. -Colton C.

139. Find your people. Love on your people. -Ashleigh R.

140. Conquer your freshman year and make your own list. -Emily S.


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