As I enter into my senior year, many thoughts have crossed my mind. College is a crazy time. You meet new people, face academic challenges, and live life. The four years in college are supposed to be the best years of your life, so how can I even put into words what I'm feeling as I approach the end? I guess I'll have to try...

Time flies.

I can't believe how fast the past three years have gone. Like how am I a senior when it feels like just yesterday I moved into my freshman dorm? I'm in serious denial.

The real world is next.

You're telling me I have to find my own apartment and get a job? That stuff is for adults! Oh wait...

The pressure is on.

Even though classes haven't even started, many of us are already applying to jobs and grad school. So basically we're trying to plan the rest of our lives at the moment.

I need to squeeze a lifetime of fun into 8 months.

Take the stupid things we did as freshman, the academics of sophomore/junior year, the drinking of all three, and combine it into one. That will be my senior year.

I can't believe my friends and I will all be going our separate ways soon.

I've met my best friends in college. How can I possibly leave them after I've had such little time with them?! And we're not just talking other parts of the country here, we'll be facing distances across continents as we try to remain friends.

Job/grad school applications are coming.

So not only do we have to keep up our grades AND have the best year of our lives, we also have to add the stress of applying to jobs and schools, too!

Holy sh*t.

Seniors out!