10 Thoughts College Students Have In November

10 Thoughts College Students Have In November

Is it too late to drop this class?

Every November, college students freak out for various reasons -- exams, not enough time left in the semester, too much time left, you name it. Here are 10 thoughts I'm pretty sure cross every college student's mind at least once in November.

1. Is it too late to drop this class?

2. Maybe this time change will help my sleeping schedule.

3. I should probably study for this exam since it’s the last one before the final.

4. Is it too late to drop out of college?

5. I only have one absence left in this class, should I use it now or later?

6. Yay, there are only a few weeks left in the semester!

7. Wait, what?! There are only a few weeks left in the semester?!?

8. C's still get degrees, right?

9. Why are all my classes already full? I haven’t registered yet.

10. Is the semester over yet?

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Global Commercial Kitchen Equipment Market 2018 Manufacturers, Types, Application and Region

Global Commercial Kitchen Equipment Market 2018

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The Struggles Of Being Sick In College, Away From Home, Without Mom

What it's really like to be sick in college.

It’s that time of the year. People are sneezing and coughing, whether it’s during class, while walking past each other, or in your residence hall. The one thing you’re trying not to do is get sick. And of all things that could happen, you get sick.

I got sick for the first time away from home and it absolutely sucks. Your mom isn’t there to take care of you. She would give you the right medication, make sure you’re well rested, and call you out of school. You didn’t have to worry about what medicine you were supposed to take and which ones at what time.

You also have to go to class no matter how sick you are. Some teachers understand that students get sick, but unfortunately, a lot do not. And honestly, why would you want to miss class? This means missing a lecture, a quiz, or a test, and there is no chance to make up any of those.

On top of that, since everyone goes to class when they’re sick, they get everyone around them sick as well. It’s inevitable. Sickness spreads like a wildfire in college and the cycle is never going to end. The only way to avoid this is to keep washing your hands and hope for the best.

No matter how sick you are though, life just keeps going. You still are going to go out with your friends, go to meetings, and go to events. There really is no time to recover because of everything going on all the time. Being sick is annoying but it’s not a college experience without getting sick at least once. Just remember to keep using hand sanitizer, washing your hands and being healthy in general. If you keep up healthy habits, you won’t have to worry about being stressed while being sick.

Cover Image Credit: sodaniechea / Flickr

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