You know how it goes: wake, work, sleep, repeat. From the moment your head hits the pillow, you're aware you'll be up again in a matter of hours. But as far as you're concerned, no amount of sleep will ever be enough to change the thoughts you have about waking up for school.

Here's the familiar routine:

1. WHAT is that terrible sound? Is it the fire alarm?

2. Oh, no. Even worse—a phone alarm.

3. But it’s still dark outside ?

4. What time is it, anyway?


6. It can’t be mine. I would never do that to myself.

7. Nobody’s shutting it off…

8. Dang it. It’s mine.

9. Hang on, I have to wiggle out of three layers of blankets. It’s a process.

10. Someday I’m definitely going to die climbing down this ladder.


12. Why did I think a dog barking would be a good morning alarm? Is that supposed to make me happy?

13. Man, it’s cold in here.

14. What’s it like outside?


16. I think I’m going to be sick.

17. I am not mentally prepared to walk to class in that.

18. If I put my clothes on really fast and decide to be okay with looking terrible today, I can climb back in bed and sleep for another 20 minutes!

19. That 20 minutes wasn’t nearly long enough.

20. And that blanket is SO warm.

21. And my futon looks lonely...

22. Two words: human burrito.

23. Ah yes, this was a good decision.

24. If I look at my phone, I won’t fall back asleep. It’s foolproof.

25. Let me just open Instagram, and...

26. Where am I?

27. Where’s my phone?

28. Is that drool?

29. Awww shoot, class starts in half an hour.

30. Maybe the microwave clock isn’t right…

31. Yep, it’s definitely 5 minutes ahead.

32. Okay, 35 minutes ‘til class.

33. I can’t get through this day without coffee. It just won’t happen.

34. I didn’t want to have to do this, but it’s necessary. I’m using a meal swipe for breakfast.

* 3 cups of coffee later*

35. Ah, another beautiful morning.

36. I’m just happy to be here, honestly.

37. Time to go out and kill it today!!!