17 Thoughts All Women Have When They're Catcalled

Catcalling is a thing that we are taught since we young girls. Mothers sit their daughters down and tell them to walk in groups. Never to walk alone at night, and if you do hold your keys in between your fingers. Shorts, skirts, dresses, jeans, leggings and mostly all clothes should be avoided (lol). Honestly, though, it is bound to happen if you walk in the street. It is not a compliment. No one takes it as a compliment. We do not appreciate having to run into buildings and our homes because we feel threatened. We don't appreciate you saying “smile baby”. Here are thoughts most of us have regarding catcalling.

1. F*ck, it’s hot. That means more catcalling today.

2. What time am I walking home?

3. Do I have pepper spray/mace/keys?

4. If I pretend that I can't hear him maybe he will stop.

5. So yeah, he isn't going to stop?

6. He has followed me for 5 blocks, should I worry?

7. He yelled “smile” at least ten times, do I yell back?

8. The guy on the train keeps moving closer to me.

9. Make sure to keep those legs iron tight closed on the bus or train.

10. Don't they see I have headphones in?

11. Forgot headphones, how will I make it today?

12. If I walk with my guy friend, they will think he is my boyfriend.

13. When does catcalling ever result in a girl going home with you?

14. Why do you think we like this?

15. Run into a coffee shop because you can't handle this sh*t.

16. Yes, I am wearing shorts. It is 98 degrees out.

17. The guy in a car honked his horn at me and winks, his daughter is my age. She is also in the car.

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