A Thoughtless Winter

A Thoughtless Winter

I've been experiencing days of nothing but sheer contentment, something I only dream of feeling.

Hannah Mauser

I've been experiencing quiet days lately. Days to myself and days of being careless. I'm doing things for the good of my heart. I'm reading books and grasping onto every word, looking in the mirror and admiring every detail, and noticing a new freckle. I find myself sitting in a room surrounded by loved ones, everything moving in slow motion, with the hopes that this happiness would last forever. I don't know what's changed, but I dream of holding onto this feeling for as long as I can.

Perhaps it has to do with the serenity of this winter weather; I haven't quite put my finger on it yet. The soft blanket of white snow I've awoken to puts a roll in my eyes, but a state of peacefulness in my heart. I want to fully hate it, but I just can't.

Since the first falling of these white flakes, my brain is thoughtless. I've had multiple nights of staring at the black ceiling at 2:00 am. I've placed a pen in my hand and keys under my fingers with little to say. I've been experiencing days of nothing but sheer contentment, something I only dream of feeling.

My thoughts have been replaced with melodic symphonies playing in the back of my mind. Each one with climaxes, falls, and resolutions as I go about my days. I've been doing nothing but myself and dancing to the beat of my own heart. I've found peace within my soul and have been noticing the discrete details. How great is that; to be stuck at a place of comfortable silence as I sit just watching and listening, and not thinking.

Maybe that's what we are missing on the days when chaos has taken over peace. The days when we feel as though all eyes are watching our every move because we worry about people judging us. Our heads turn to look around a crowd of strangers wondering why everyone looks so stressed, everyone scared to make their next move in hopes that if they do, no one will notice.

But let's be noticed. Let's stop taking a step back and instead make a leap forward. Without thinking about doing it, just doing it. Make people furrow their brows out of pure confusion for you, and keep at it. Make them wonder what's coming next. Take these thoughtless days with overthinking out of sight, and use it to your advantage to create something brilliant. With not a thought in mind for distraction, the light at the end of the tunnel is just a reach away.

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