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I Thought Of You Today

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I Thought Of You Today
Aliyah Purnell

Words have the great capability of expressing emotions, yet so often I, and many others don't use them to their full potential. We struggle with not only finding the right words to express our sentiments but also whether we should say what it is that we want to say in the first place.

The thought of rejection or something "coming out wrong" can be terrifying, but the alternative can be much worse. Words strengthen human connections by offering insight into a place only we have access to. When we chose to keep things that mean a lot to us to ourselves, we are missing out on these connections. Sometimes it is still hard to say what we want to the people we have already made connections with, but often times even more necessary. Holding back can hinder growth in relationships and cause unhappiness for reasons that may easily be worked out by talking.

A lot of the time we want to say the perfect thing, and although there are always going to be "better" ways to say something, we will often be able to convey the essence of our message with what we can come up with in the moment. Often, we may try to mentally flip through a thesaurus to find a more eloquent way to say something to no avail, when the point is saying what you mean. Simple and messy is usually more impactful than a well-thought-out, rehearsed sentiment.

Not only that but saying how you feel can be liberating. When we figure out how to put what we are feeling into words, it's wonderful. Being able to make someone else feel a certain way with those words is even more magical, and it should happen more often. Like I said, words build bridges between people, but they do something for you as well. We should say these things because expressing ourselves is empowering. It can build self-esteem when we say something and are affirmed, and build experiences and knowledge when we are not.

This way of thinking is applicable to any relationship or interaction you may have throughout your day. Don't let yourself be selective on who you treat this way, let them be strangers, coworkers, friends, and significant others. If you like a strangers shoes, let them know. If you think there is a better system to getting something done at work, let your coworkers know. If you can't stop thinking about your best friends and how much you miss them, let them know. You don't really know when you will get an opportunity like the one you have in the present, and you will never have the exact opportunity twice.

To my best friends, my family, and those I miss, I thought of you today. I hope that someone complimented you on your project or told you they liked your shirt. I hope that I sometimes remind you through a text or phone call or Facebook post how important you are. I hope you see this, and know it's about you, and feel special.

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