Though Classes are Important...

...and skipping them should not even cross your mind, you cannot help but wonder "what if."

What if you skipped that class at 10 o'clock to sit outside and drink a coffee and just enjoy the morning? What if you sat down around campus and admire the view of the leaves changing color during this season?

Though classes are important, sometimes you need to take a breather and relax.

My classes this semester are pulling me downhill. With assignment after assignment, a breather is all I ever need. This is not including work, of course. With working 15 hours every week, not including when I have to come in for someone who cannot work that day, along with my homework, I need a break.

This semester alone, I have had eight anxiety attacks, and have had to miss class just because of these.

Though classes are important, so is health. So is relaxation. So is friendships, relationships. All of these thins are important. But sometimes, a girl just needs a break from it all. Sometimes drinking coffee and skipping class is not enough. Even though sitting and watching people walk around campus; watching them laugh at a funny text they got or at a funny joke their friend said to them. They are having a great day; they look like their life is together.

Though classes are important, you yourself are important too. Take a break if you need one. Your classes can wait. Your mental health cannot.

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