To Those Who Are Annoyed At Odyssey
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To Those Who Are Annoyed At Odyssey

Do you hate seeing the articles, and have you told someone that?

To Those Who Are Annoyed At Odyssey

I joined the Missouri Baptist University Odyssey chapter a few months ago. I like writing enough to whip out articles, and I thought, as a Christian, “This would be the perfect way to address people through the media about the Gospel, hard-hitting questions and push them toward Jesus.” Which it has! God has used mine, along with many of my team members' articles to push our viewers and challenge them to face God with whatever IT might be. Many times IT is the fact that Jesus died for us, loves us enough and continues to pursue us while He is alive in Heaven. I will never regret writing for Odyssey for that one simple fact: it reached at least one person with the comforting truth of the Gospel.

Very quickly after becoming part of this new form of media and writing, I found that, as usual, there were haters lurking around every corner. Not only lurking, but prowling like hungry lions who had not seen an antelope for days. It all began when someone told me, “I don’t even read the articles because I don’t want to support the bandwagon.” Fair enough, do your thang, you little hipster queen. As this person is one of my friends, I accepted it with no remorse.

The next day I saw a Facebook post that read, “10 reasons why my life is better blocking Odyssey articles. I am so tired of seeing so many, they are overdone and everyone is on the bandwagon.” Then in the like and comment section the knife dug deeper as friends, colleagues and associates lined up to get their two cents in about how dumb they thought the articles were.

After that post I became aware of the IMMENSE amount of hate toward Odyssey and their writers. Fiery hate spewing from millennials and their touch keyboards.

Here are some things that I think we all need to consider:

  1. Dissing something that others enjoy doing is lame.
  2. You are a free person.
  3. You should be consistent in your support, as humans and especially as Christians.

Unless someone is bragging about how their new job or hobby is juggling hypodermic needles or kicking puppies, then you don’t need to necessarily insert your negative opinion. Believe it or not, these articles do not write themselves. When you treat their work like it is stupid or unimportant and publicize it on Facebook or even say it to their face (which has happened multiple times), you are devaluing their skill, their interest, their work and you are being a bully for no reason. Your opinion matters. Words, even it they aren’t blatantly mean, can do a lot of damage to someone’s ideas about themselves, or in this case, their writing. I have questioned if I wanted to continue writing for Odyssey multiple times because of the fact that people are constantly taking it upon themselves to tell me how unimportant they think it is. I know better. I know it is reaching at least one person, and so I continue on. My writing, Odyssey itself and Facebook sharing your work, is not sinful, it is not hurtful, so please be respectful.

It is your right as an American to have a voice, but the people who have spewed this hate to me and my fellow writers act as if it is their duty to get their opinion in. It is not. You do not have to read my article, you do not have to be on Facebook, you can block the articles, you can spend less time on your phone. In fact, I suggest all the above if you have a bad attitude toward Odyssey. To be honest, I barely spend any time on Facebook because most things DO annoy me, but I am free to log off, and I am free to be annoyed on my own, or in my case, out loud to my cat.

Last, but most certainly not least, is that a good amount of writers I know personally are trying to write as frequently as they can about Jesus Christ. This is a tool to share the Gospel, this is a way that I can encourage someone else. So if you do not like them, or you do not want to read them, that is OK, but pretty please if you are a follower of Christ, do not act like they are stupid. Some of the articles I have read from people all over the nation have been purely written for the purpose of getting the gospel to certain people, or even to push Christians to better themselves through Jesus and His word.

So this isn’t for the people who do not like the articles. This isn’t for the people who hate Odyssey or hate that there are so many writers on their Facebook. This is for the ones who are letting rudeness be their medal around their neck today by forcing their negative and insecurity developing comments into people's ears and inboxes.

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