Those Perfect Moments
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Student Life

Those Perfect Moments

Don't forget to look up every once in a while.

Those Perfect Moments

There are 1140 minutes in one day. 1140 minutes to spend however we choose.

Often, we feel as if our time is not our own. Our busy schedules demand so much from us, making us feel like there is no time left for ourselves. When we’re not sitting through meetings or going to class or working on something important, we’re making plans to do so.

So much of our day is spent running around. We hardly take the time to look up once in a while to appreciate where we’re at. Life keeps moving, and so do we.

However, there are moments we don’t expect, the ones that capture our attention, the ones too perfect to be planned. In those instances, time stops. We know exactly what is happening at that exact moment, and nothing else matters. It feels great to slow down and enjoy the moment for what it is: a spontaneous, wonderful, unpredictable moment. Those little moments become big ones. The mundane becomes magnificent.

Life has a way of catching us off guard. Magic happens when we least expect it.

The best things happen when we’re not looking for them. Life’s most amazing moments cannot possibly be planned. God works through those moments, forever changing us.

Perfect moments appear in many forms. Picture those moments that never fail to bring a smile to your face and a sentimental feeling just by looking back at them. You instantly transport yourself back into that time when the present is all that matters.

This past year, I have tried to give some control up to God and resist the urge to micromanage my schedule. It has been a balancing act, trying to plan for the future while remembering that God has a plan for me and that I can trust in Him. The most amazing moments I’ve experienced this past year did not come from my fear of the future, but rather from the times I stepped back from day-to-day responsibilities and let myself have some well-deserved fun.

My grandparents took my family to Hawaii to celebrate their fiftieth anniversary this past summer. Every day, after hours of exploring, we gathered in one of our hotel rooms and played cards together. Surrounded by the most important people in my life in a gorgeous place, without a care in the world, reassured me that my family will always come first. Despite our quirks and shortcomings, this quality time and friendly competition reminded me that I have the best family I could ever ask for.

After a year away from my high school friends, I had no idea what to expect for our friendships. Like any friend group that leaves for college, some of us grew apart and went in different directions. Luckily, that helped me determine who my forever friends will be. This past summer, on our annual trip to my family’s lake house, my friends and I had a photo shoot on our dock at ten o’clock one night. This completely random, incredibly fun night brought me so much happiness because, in those moments, I realized just how lucky I am to get to walk through life with these wonderful people.

Taking care of adult responsibilities is so important, and that has to take priority. But sometimes, it’s OK to break out of our routines. When we take time to look up from what we are doing, amazing things can happen.

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