To Those Feeling Lost and Confused

To Those Feeling Lost and Confused

Everybody feels this way and it's okay

Everybody says college is the part of everyone's life where you find yourself, find your lifelong friends, and make memories that will last you your whole life. But no one really tells you that it's going to be the most challenging and confusing part of your life.

Sure, I'm only a freshman and my knowledge about my future is already so slim, but these pressures to "make connections" and "try out for everything" are getting pretty difficult to understand. We try out for clubs we really want to join, but get rejected or just don't even qualify for it. How are we supposed to do what we want if we can't even get positions that will help us towards our future?

Every night my friends all meet together and discuss our days and we always get on the topic of what we want to do, if we're wasting our time, or if college is even right for us. Normally these conversations end with us in us in our feelings or we laugh it all off cause we find something more important to talk about. Talking about everything going on is a therapeutic way to get through things, even if you aren't receiving advice.

As said before, I'm a freshman, so I'm still in the process of getting used to everything college has to offer. But, I already have an idea of what I want to do with my life. Well, I have a lot of things I want to do with my life: be a makeup artist, have my own makeup company, train dogs, foster dogs, be a sports photographer, have a family, travel the world for my makeup company. Honestly, none of these dreams really need a college degree so every day I'm faced with the question: Why am I here? I believe I'm here for a reason, but it just hasn't been shown to me.

We all have our dreams and aspirations but getting there is the problem. College is the first time in many people's lives that they're away from their parents making these HUGE life decisions on their own. Yes, you can always call your mom or dad to listen to their insight, but ultimately, it's all up to you.

The point of this is to say that it's okay to feel lost. It's okay to feel confused. This is how life is supposed to be and honestly, if life lacked these feelings, what even is the point of challenging yourself? Life gets tough, but everyone seems to get through it, and you will too.

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Cover Image Credit: YouTube

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