The days and weeks leading up to Valentine's Day seem to drag if you're not in a relationship or won't have a date. Another year being single and having to spend the holiday solo. The harsh reality hits you and a sea of thoughts flood your mind and drowns you. You find solace in throwing yourself on your bed and plugging in your headphones cranking the music to the max. Staring at the ceiling just trying to find the reason for your current single status. Asking yourself questions like.

Is there something wrong with me?

Could someone really like me?

Do I expect too much, is reality really out to get?

Truth is that you should direct a movie or music video because you have the perfect date night planned out with the person of my dreams all in my head. First the two you go to a small dimly lit restaurant having so much fun that you lose track of time and realize everyone else at the restaurant has already left. It's just you two now laughing and buzzed after a few drinks.

You both don't want the night to end so you take a stroll along the sidewalk of a nice strip. Walking at a slow pace holding each other's hand. You feel like her protector and she feels safe being with you. You two continue to laugh about god knows what. You can't help but keep thinking how it all feels so surreal this night out together. Being in that exact moment feeling so warm inside, both exchanging smiles at each other wishing the night won't end.

Although romance movies aren't my thing, I would definitely watch that movie. That's the thing though. It's all a story that you've created in your head. I know the feelings of loneliness might seem to pierce through your heart, but trust me to give it time. Believe that your time will come, however it never will if you're waiting for a story like this to happen. I say forget about the expectations and start doing things for yourself. Go to that coffee shop that you've been wanting to go to and just browse your laptop or read that book you've been meaning to read by yourself. Go out for that jog listening to your favorite playlist, go to that one restaurant you've found on Instagram, but haven't gone to yet because you feel like you need to go with someone else. Love yourself this upcoming Valentine's Day.

Create a beautiful archive of adventures and memories by doing all these things for yourself. Who knows you might meet that person you were dreaming about earlier on one of these adventures of loving yourself.