This is Keanu Reeves - The One
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This is Keanu Reeves - The One

Sandra Bullock shares her experience of Reeves and how the ones most broken from inside are the ones most willing to help others.

This is Keanu Reeves - The One

Keanu Reeves is known not only for his iconic roles in films like "The Matrix" and "John Wick," but also for his kind-hearted and humble nature, which is somewhat rare in Hollywood. He's also known for his philanthropic work, although he rarely talks about it. He runs a private foundation that funds children's hospitals and cancer research. Recently, Sandra Bullock told us just how he is an amazing human being:

Sandra said on Instagram "This is Keanu Reeves. He was abandoned by his father at 3 years old and grew up with 3 different stepfathers. He is dyslexic. His dream of becoming a hockey player was shattered by a serious accident. His daughter died at birth. His wife died in a car accident. His best friend, River Phoenix, died of an overdose. His sister battled leukemia.⁣ No bodyguards, no luxury houses. Keanu lives in an ordinary apartment and likes wandering around town and often seen riding a subway in NYC.⁣"

She went on to say that "In life, sometimes the ones most broken from inside are the ones most willing to help others. This man could buy everything, and instead every day he gets up and chooses one thing that cannot be bought: to be real. ⁣Keanu Reeves, The One ♥️"

Instagram: Sandra Bullock

You can see her IG post here. One amazing story about Keanu involves his earnings from the blockbuster "Matrix" series. Reportedly, Reeves gave away a significant portion of his profit-sharing deal for the sequels, which amounted to millions of dollars, to the special effects and makeup staff. He felt that they were the real heroes of the movie, who made the groundbreaking effects possible, and thus deserved a share of the profits.

Here are the top-10 movies according to us you should watch this year (or rewatch if you have already) starring this amazing man.

    1. The Matrix (1999): This groundbreaking sci-fi movie is often considered one of Reeves' best performances, where he stars as Neo, a computer hacker who uncovers a dystopian reality.
    2. Speed (1994): A high-octane action thriller where Reeves' character, Jack Traven, has to keep a bomb-rigged bus above 50mph.
    3. John Wick series (2014-present): This action-packed series has given Reeves another iconic character with its tale of a retired hitman seeking revenge.
    4. Point Break (1991): This action-crime film sees Reeves as an undercover FBI agent infiltrating a gang of surfers.
    5. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989): This classic comedy showcases Reeves' comedic timing as he plays Ted, a time-traveling teenager.
    6. My Own Private Idaho (1991): A dramatic role for Reeves, the film is a cult classic where he plays a street hustler.
    7. A Scanner Darkly (2006): This unique rotoscope-animated film adapts Philip K. Dick's novel with Reeves in the lead role.
    8. Devil's Advocate (1997): A horror-thriller where Reeves plays a lawyer who gets more than he bargained for with his new job.
    9. Constantine (2005): In this supernatural action thriller, Reeves plays John Constantine, a cynical demon hunter.
    10. 47 Ronin (2013): This fantasy action film has been criticized for its storytelling but praised for its visual style.
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