My Grown Up Christmas List

With every year that passes, our Christmas lists get less about “wants” and more about “needs”. For most college students, practicality sets in, and the reality that everything has a price- even the things we really need. So friends, I got a little creative, and came up with my very own “grown up Christmas list”.

Cheaper iphones

I’ve been hanging onto the same iphone for over four years. Believe me, I really want a new Iphone, but not at the price they’re selling for these days! One of these days I’ll swallow my pride and buy a new phone, but in the meantime, I’ll keep asking for lower prices.

Gas Punch Cards

For all of the money that I spend on gas, I’d love to see some coupons or discounts. Maybe a “Buy 10 tanks, get one 1 free” kind of deal?

A Free Trip

This girl loves to travel, but with all of the expenses, I don’t always make it very far. New York City, Paris, London, and Disneyworld are still on my to do list!

A Life’s Supply of Pens & Pencils

I put them in my backpack, and then they all disappear. A life’s supply ought to do the trick.

Ponytail Holders with Tracking Devices

If I had a penny for every time I’ve lost one of these little devils.

A 2 in 1 Washer and Dryer

Can I get an “amen”? With the huge strides we’ve made in technology, I’m waiting for the day that this guy comes out. Also, maybe having one that separates your colors, darks, whites, and delicates?

A Phone That Doesn’t Require Charging

Watching your phone slowly die while you have no access to a charger or plugin, is one of the most painful things for a college student. So I say, let’s just eliminate the charging process all together! How about solar powered cell phones?

Unbreakable Earbuds

I seem to be cursed with earbuds, because I break a pair nearly every month. You’d think I would learn to be more careful by this point, but I don’t.

Unlimited Phone Storage for No Extra Charge

An unlimited amount of phone storage would go nicely with my solar powered Iphone. No more “Your storage is full” notifications.

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