I Think It's Funny How...
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I Think It's Funny How...

.....people always say "lets hang out" but never do.

I Think It's Funny How...

There are a couple everyday things that people do that just make me laugh. I'm not laughing because it's funny, I'm laughing because it's ridiculous. Here are some things that just make me wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

1. I think it's funny how people always say "lets hang out" but never do.
I'm guilty of this too, but not as bad as some stories that I've heard! If you don't want to hang out with someone just freaking say so! Yes, people do get busy but come on, lying isn't the answer. Saying no once does not mean saying no forever.

2. I think it's funny how people always want to push their political and religious opinions on everyone but never listen to the opposition.

Political opinions are like backsides everyone has one and they all stink to everyone else. We all want what is best, or what we think is best, for this great country that we live in, but don't push your beliefs on everyone else.

3.I think it's funny how kids will act tough but then play the victim when it comes time for punishment.

This really irritates me. I hate how kids think that it's okay to bully someone. I hate how children think that they are allowed to pick on someone just because they look different, they're different academically, or like different things. When I think is the worst however, is that the bullies play the victims to avoid punishment.

4. I think it's funny how people will pull the race, religion, or gender card whenever it's convenient for them, but not when it actually matters.

I found that a lot of people will pull a "card" whenever they find the situation to be fitting, but never when the topic actually matters. They find that they want to be involved in the discussion when the negative alliances will benefit them. People should always care, always.

5. I think it's funny how people get mad when others call them out for lying.

I think it's funny that people get so angry when they get called out for lying. People get so defensive when they get caught that they seem even more ridiculous

6. I think it's funny that people in traffic get mad when you get over before the lane ends and then you don't allow them to cut in line.

Man, this really annoys me. If a lane is closed and you know this MERGE OVER BEFORE THE LAST MINUTE. Don't get mad when I don't let you in because you waited until the last minute.

7. I think it's funny how nobody seems to understand that we are the ones who decide to be happy or to hate.

We now live in a world where people blame one another for their problems rather than themselves. We live in a world where it is easier to hate than it is to love and I just don't understand it. People get so angry that the world is the way it is, when we are the ones who did this. Each hateful person was raised to hate and it's all a cycle. Yes, some people are born that way but it's about the way that each individual chooses to behave.

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