What Your Coffee Order Says About You According To A Barista
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7 Things Your Go-To Coffee Shop Order Says About You, As Told By My Favorite Barista

If you are a regular at your local coffee shop, this is definitely what your barista is thinking when you order your regular.

7 Things Your Go-To Coffee Shop Order Says About You, As Told By My Favorite Barista

Coffee lovers of the world know this feeling all too well... you get up to the counter, you order your daily coffee, your favorite barista whips it up for you, and you indulge in that first sip. It hits your veins like electricity and if your barista hits it on the ball, you can feel the caffeinated goodness running through your veins.

After you walk away from the counter, ready to tackle your day with your drink, your barista obviously has his or her thoughts about your order and what that says about you. With the help of my favorite barista, I am here to make you aware of some stereotypes you carry based on your coffee order.

1. Black coffee

You're probably a male, probably over the age of 30, and probably have at least one child, if not more. That, or you're heavily counting your calories.

2. Double shot


You're a very on-the-go kinda person. You need your coffee and you need it now.

You probably drink a double shot because you care more about the amount of caffeine you are consuming and how quickly you can consume it than the taste itself.

3. Caramel macchiatos 

This drink is a glorified iced caramel latte. Therefore, if you drink this, you drink it because it's pretty and sounds fancy.

Any real coffee drinker knows not to pay the extra money for the word 'macchiato' and just sticks to the iced caramel lattes.

4. Iced coffee with cream and sugar


With this one, odds are you're either a new coffee drinker, or you couldn't make a decision. Bonus points if you add a flavor, that just makes you a basic B.

5. Sweet cream cold brew

9/10 times, the people who drink this beverage are doing it for the trendy story post they can make once they get into their car.

6. Americano​​

If you drink Americanos, your barista knows you just want a good 'ole bitter caffeinated beverage. This drink is strong, just like the person that drinks it.

These are the kind of people that take no B.S.

7. Anything blended


You actually hate coffee, but you want to pretend that you like it. You also think it's cute when drinks are blended and can tolerate them because they don't really taste like coffee.

Truth be told, my favorite barista is Tasha R. At Coffee Factory in Orlando! She is the brain behind all of these thoughts and makes the best-iced coffee! If you're ever in the Central Florida area, I highly recommend it!

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