There are many things that you can be "afraid of' when you go into college. Sometimes these things are scarier than other things, like using public restrooms, sharing space with a total stranger, and being scared to look stupid when heading to class.

Five things that you'll get over with in college are the following. Even though college may be scary at first, please realize that it isn't something to be completely terrified about. I mean, new friends, new ideas, new people to be yourself around. It sounds pretty cool to me, but I've also been doing this for three years so...just read the list.

5. Same Shirt

Trust me when I say, no one cares if you and some girl across the quad are wearing the same shirt. It doesn't matter. Be excited that she has the same taste as you. Maybe go strike up a conversation with her and joke about how you "like her shirt more than yours" or something. Clothing is clothing when it comes to college. I would rather have someone be wearing the same entire outfit as me than running around naked.

4. Eating By Yourself

In high school, you may have been afraid to eat by yourself when it came to lunch. All of those people staring at you sitting at a table by yourself. It's a little scary. FORGET ABOUT IT THOUGH. IT DOESN'T MATTER. People in the dining halls, in the library, in the rec, in the union ALWAYS SIT ALONE. They don't care if people are watching them, and neither should you. You're eating you lunch because it's the only break you have. Just eat away and then be on your way. If it really gets to you that much, make a friend and sit with them and eat.

Number 3: Campus at Night

Now this one is a little tricky. I love walking at night but a lot of people are scared to walk across campus at night. I totally understand. I get it. Some people can't be trusted. But that is why most college has a safety program that allows you to call your public safety team and they will come to your area and walk to you where you need to go. Never be afraid again.

Number 2: Being Late

Being late is something you should definitely try to avoid, but it happens. Don't be embarrassed when it does, and don't just decide not to go to class because that's a lot worse than being late. Just walk in, apologize, and take a seat. You can explain why you're late to your professor later.

Number 1: Use of Public Restrooms

This is something you will get over. Trust me, I had to myself. When you have to go, you don't want to walk all the way to you dorm when there's a bathroom literally to your left. Just take a deep breath, walk in, and act like no one is there. I listened to my iPod the first time I had to. Public restrooms are disgusting, I understand. But something, you have to give in.