5 Things Only People Who Wear Contacts Will Understand

Contact lenses are literally amazing because they take away the struggle of dealing with glasses. You basically have normal vision again (as long as your wearing your contacts). You can do whatever you want in them, you can go on roller coasters and you can go swimming.

Contacts make your life easier. You can wear clear contacts or colored contacts and they basically can change your life. Contacts are amazing but they aren't perfect and we contact lens people understand the struggle that comes with wearing contact lenses.

1. When you're first learning how to put contact lenses on it's the most annoying process in the world.

Learning how to get your contacts into your eyes it's the worst experience ever. When the eye doctor shows you it looks so simple and easy but unfortunately, that isn't the case when you try. It looks easy and painless but it doesn't feel like that when you're first learning how to put your contact lenses in. It's the most annoying but rewarding process. I remember when I first got contacts I used to always look at them in the mirror thinking it was so cool.

(This meme is so accurate when you put your contacts lenses in wrong it is the most horrendous pain. It is not fun at all to put your contacts in wrong)

2. It's literally the worst thing ever when your contacts fall out of your eyes.

It's like looking for an invisible item. You have to stress so much to find this small thing that gives you vision. It's the worst experience but when you find it your able to enjoy life again.

3. My friends who don't wear contacts fail to understand how I can take out my contacts without a mirror.

I've been wearing contacts for about 10 years so it's just part of my life now. I find it so easy to take them out and put my contacts in. I probably would not have said that 8 or 9 years back but my contacts and i have a great relationship now. My eyes like many used to be much more sensitive and would get irritated very quickly. Like the smallest things would irritate my eyes back in the day. Just rubbing my eyes or blinking too much would irritate my eyes so much.

(Mood when you don't have any more contacts)

4. Running out of contacts lens is heartbreaking when ever it happens to me I literally don't even feel like leaving my house.

I can't live without my contacts it makes me sad if I don't have them on. They definitely give me more confidence, they help me feel like my best self. I only wear contacts when I am at home or if I don't have any contact lenses left. Glasses are a last resort, that I try not to resort to. Some people actually like wearing glasses and look cool in them. I am not of one of those people

Me in Glasses vs Contacts ( I prefer contacts)

5. Contact lenses can change up your entire look and perspective.

For me, they gave me confidence that I didn't have with glasses. They made me feel better, like people could really see me and my eyes. I felt like I could literally and physically see the world better. I love my contacts and they make me feel good and that's what counts. I was like so many kids and teens who had self confidence issues but my contact lenses changed that in me.

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