7 Things You Should Bring To A Music Festival

7 Things You Should Bring To A Music Festival

Bring only the necessities!

Now that summer is officially upon us, music festivals and outdoor concerts are all the rave. However, it's important to not only go to them but to also make it out alive. Here are 7 things you should always bring to a music festival if you want to survive and ~thrive~.

1. Portable charger

If you don't have a portable charger, invest in one. When you're taking pictures, editing photos, and posting on Instagram and Snapchat all day, you're going to need a portable charger. Trust me, it's a lifesaver.

2. Comfortable shoes

Because you'll probably outside, in a big open field the whole day, chances are your feet are going to get tired. So, leave those cute new sandals at home and wear shoes you know you'll be comfortable in.

3. Disposable rain poncho

Unless you're going to Coachella, there's a chance it might rain.

4. Blanket

You're going to get pretty tired from standing and walking all day. Bring a blanket so you can sit down, eat some food, or take a nap!

5. Sunglasses

Because they're cute and they protect you're eyes... duh?

6. Hand sanitizer

When you're outside the whole day, and the only form of a bathroom is the Porta-Potty (or the grass) you'll be thankful you brought some hand sanitizer!

7. Fanny pack/ backpack

Bring a cute bag so you can stuff all your necessities in! Fanny packs and cute backpacks are popular choices for music festivals and concerts, because their fashionable and easy!

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